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With neon green, you can choose between the green card made from recycled plastic and the unique wooden card made from cherry wood – unique becuase at the time of the launch, it was the first wooden card in Switzerland. On the one hand, it is a statement for a more sustainable lifestyle – every time you take it out, you show for what you live, and what is important to you. On the other hand, the wooden card shows that a lot can be done to reduce plastic – it is made of 80% less plastic than its plasticised counterparts.

Wood is known to be somewhat more sensitive than plastic. Both in terms of pliability and water resistance. The wooden card is a novelty on the market, which is why we can't say for sure. However, initial usability tests, which were necessary for approval, have been positive. There are also good experiences from other markets, as our colleagues from Tomorrow can confirm. However, we recommend that you neither use it as a chair nor take it into the shower. :)

Our cards are produced by our partner Exceet, who pays great attention to sustainable and environmentally friendly production. They want to avoid the use of plastic as much as possible and switch to alternative materials. This is how the wooden card came into being - fine cherry wood from sustainably managed forests in Austria. However, a thin plastic core made of recycled PET-G cannot (yet) be avoided. This, together with a built-in chip, a magnetic strip and a fine antenna, enable you to make contactless payments with your wooden card. And although it is not completely made of wood to offer you the usual functionalities, it consists of 80% less plastic than a conventional card. So it's much more sustainable than your current card. But you can't dispose of it in the compost yet. Also, don't worry: The production of the cards is sustainable and for 100'000 cards, only 1 tree is needed. We will add it to the trees we've already planted. 

Quite simply: Yes! Thanks to the built-in features, you can pay with it as usual at the checkout via terminal or contactless. Mobile payment also works as before, of course.

If you take care, this shouldn't happen. If it does, write to us, and tell us what happened, and send us a photo. If it was the card and not you, we'll replace it free of charge. You can decide whether you want a card made of cherry wood again or if you prefer a green one made of recycled plastic.

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