Investment plan

Investment plan. Invest. Long-term.

The neon investment plan makes wealth accumulation easy. Invest automatically in shares and ETFs of your choice. All at low cost.

Wealth accumulation made easy. For everyone.

This is how long-term wealth accumulation works without headaches: choose up to three shares or ETFs from the neon invest universe for your investment plan and set the monthly amount you want to invest. That's all there is to it. We then take care of the automatic investing. So you save twice: firstly on brain cells, because once you've made a smart decision, you no longer have to worry about it. Secondly, because you achieve your savings goals and stick to them in the long run. Classic neon: win-win.

The investment plan in detail

Save in the long term. With low costs.

Set up your personalised investment plan at no extra cost. Because there are no custody fees and low trading fees, you can save long-term with low monthly costs. And together with our partner Invesco, we cover the trading fees for selected ETFs for you when you buy them. So everything you earn is invested where it should be: in your future. Whether you can save 5 CHF or 5'000 CHF a month – the investment plan is just as worthwhile for small investors as it is for high earners.

Your individual choice. Flexibility included.

With a broad selection of over 240 Swiss and international shares and more than 70 ETFs, you decide which ones best suit your investment plan. You also determine the right time to sell your shares or ETFs in the future, as there is no minimum holding period with the investment plan. And although you are in it for the long run, you still have the flexibility to make short-term changes – you can adjust your investment plan at any time. So you retain full control over your money.

0% purchase fees

With the investment plan, we make your wealth accumulation as simple and favourable as possible, because we don't charge any custody fees or currency exchange costs. But we'll do you one better and take away the very last price hurdle for your financial provision: with our partner offers, you pay no trading fees when you buy selected assets via the investment plan. We will refund the trading fees to you on the next working day after the purchase has been executed.

0% fee etfs header

Together with our partner Invesco, we offer you our «0% fee ETFs» – the Global Stocks (FTSE) ETF and the Global Stocks ESG Climate Paris Aligned ETF. With Invesco, we have found an experienced partner for this unique offering. An independent asset manager, ranked among the top 4 largest issuers of investment products such as ETFs or funds worldwide and known for its attractively priced offerings. Our joint ambition to change the market with innovative products makes us a pETFect duo.
Global stocks ESG Paris Climate Aligned
Global Stocks (FTSE)

Frequently asked question about the investment plan

Click on the «Invest» tab in the neon app and scroll down a little until you see the investment plan. Click on «Start saving». Then select a share or ETF and the monthly amount you want to invest. Click on «Confirm» and the investment plan is set up.

You can select up to three shares or ETFs for your investment plan – you have to go through the process described above individually for each investment. It's just as easy if you want to cancel the investment plan: in the investment plan overview, click on the investment you want to change and then on «Delete». You can do this at any time, except on the first day of the month – then we will automatically invest in the shares or ETFs you have selected.

You can set up the investment plan at no extra cost. And we don't charge any custody fees for your portfolio anyway. The only thing you pay are the trading fees: For Swiss shares and all ETFs, this is 0.5% of the buy or sell price per transaction, for international shares this fee is 1% (there are no additional fees for currency exchange). There's another bonus for you here, too: With selected Invesco ETFs, you pay no trading fee when you buy them. You can find more information here.

You can select up to three shares or ETFs from the neon invest universe for your investment plan. You have a broad selection of over 240 Swiss and international shares and more than 70 ETFs.

Orders are normally executed on the first day of the month. If the first day of the month falls on a public holiday or a weekend, the purchase of your shares or ETFs will be postponed to the previous or next working day.

We always buy whole shares or ETFs. Therefore, we want to make sure that the amount you choose is enough to cover at least the purchase of one share or ETF per month. As prices will fluctuate until execution, we add 5% as a reserve to the unit price of the share or ETF.

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