Mobile Payment

Pay quickly and safely.

With your smartphone.
Your s(mart)watch.
Your ring, bracelet, or key fob.

Making payments has never been so easy

Thanks to Mobile Payment, you can leave your wallet at home and make purchases with your smartphone, your smartwatch or your wearable wherever you are. Read below to find out how to set it up with the different providers.

Apple Pay

Adding your neon card to Apple Pay is a breeze:

  • Open the Wallet app on your iPhone
  • Click on the «+» and look for «neon»
  • Follow the instructions on the display
  • Pay online or at the till with your iPhone 

If you’re on your iPhone, click on the icon below and open your wallet!


Google Pay

And this is how it works with Google Pay if you’ve got an Android:

  • Install the Google Pay app and open it
  • Add your neon card
  • Pay online or at the till with your smartphone 

On your smartphone? Just click on the button below to launch the installation!

Samsung Pay

It’s just as easy with a Samsung device:

  • Open the Samsung Wallet app on your phone and log in with your Samsung account
  • Add your neon card
  • Pay online or at the till with your smartphone

On your smartphone? Access the app here:


Garmin Pay

You want to pay with your Garmin Smartwatch?

  • Connect your Garmin Smartwatch with your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Open the Garmin Connect app, tap on «Menu» and select your watch
  • Add your neon card
  • Pay with a flick of the wrist

Click here to get to the Garmin Connect app:



Contactless payment with SwatchPAY! is fast, simple, and secure.

  • Easy and quick activation via the SwatchPAY! app (Android / iPhone)
  • Pay in no time. Just tap and go!
  • At any time. Payment even works without a watch battery
  • Secure. No transaction data is shared with Swatch
  • Water resistant. Super convenient for your next swim-up bar

Click here to get started:

swatchpay neon mastercard

Fidesmo Pay

Contactless and stylish payment: Fidesmo Pay turns your ring, bracelet, or key fob into a wallet.

  • Select the wearable, add your card online after the payment process or directly in the app (Android or iOS)
  • Open the package, scan the QR code, and activate the wearable for payments
  • Pay with a ring, bracelet, or key fob
  • If you have several wearables, you can manage them all directly in the Fidesmo app 

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