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Wherever you want. With neon, you're free. You don't have to go looking for a specific ATM. Also, the first two withdrawals per month in Switzerland (in CHF) are free. After that they're 2 CHF. Cash withdrawals with Sonect are always free. Likewise in the Lidl shops. Abroad the fee is 1.5% on the withdrawn amount. Want to know all about our pricing? Check out our detailed list.

The first two withdrawals per month in Switzerland (in CHF) are free. After that they're 2 CHF. Cash withdrawals with Sonect are always free. Abroad the fee is 1.5% on the withdrawn amount. Want to know all about our pricing? Check out our detailed list.

Abroad the fee is 1.5% on the withdrawn amount. Many banks include a surcharge of 2-3% on the interbank exchange rate but don't really tell you about that. neon is about transparency and fair pricing. There's no markup, just the 1.5% fee, no matter whether you withdraw CHF or local currency. (However, to avoid other fees, we always recommend withdrawing in the local currency. Read more in our blog.)

When you open an account with neon, we will automatically send you your neon Mastercard. The card costs 10 CHF. It should be with you about one or two weeks after you've opened your account. Lost your card? Block your card yourself in the app by clicking on «Profile», then «Your card» and «Freeze card». Or by calling this card emergency number +41 (0) 43 508 03 19.

You can now see your new card PIN in the neon app, in «Profile», «Your card» and «Show card PIN». You can change your PIN at any Swiss ATM.

Mastercard, the new card processor for the neon card, works internationally for numerous banks and millions of users. Internationally, almost all countries use no more than 4 digits for the PIN. Switzerland is an exception. Our new card processor is a subsidiary of Mastercard and works internationally for many major banks.

Therefore, the configuration of our card processor is also set to 4 digits. Since 4 digits are the international standard, we unfortunately cannot offer more than 4 digits.

We fulfil 100% of Mastercard's security requirements. Security is also guaranteed with a simpler 4-digit PIN and ultimately any potential damage is covered by Mastercard. In practice, the advantages of the internationally standardised PIN outweigh the theoretically higher security of a PIN with a higher number of digits. Further information on security:

Experience shows that 6-digit PINs hardly offer higher security, as simpler combinations are usually chosen.

The proportion of credit cards that are physically stolen and used with a PIN is extremely low. Fraud on online sites or by stealing account and card data is proportionally much more frequent.

For increased security, you can temporarily block the card yourself at any time in the app (under «Profile» and «Your card») and unblock it again for a payment.

Wherever they take Mastercard. That means at all ATMs and many shops and restaurants worldwide - and as of January 2020 without exchange rate spread.

There are very few merchants that can not yet accept our prepaid credit card. These are isolated cases.

Did your neon-Mastercard unexpectedly not work but another one of your cards did? Please tell us - if you got a confirmation slip and attach it, that's even better. That way, we can figure out what went wrong.

No recurring fees and blocking it is free, too. The card costs 10 CHF. A replacement card costs 20 CHF. For all our prices, check out our detailed list.

As long as you fulfil the requirements, all you need to do is download the app in the Apple Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery. Take your smartphone, passport or ID (and your foreigner's permit B/C) and sit for about 10 minutes in a quiet corner with a good internet connection and follow the in-app instructions. In these 10 minutes you'll enter your personal info, confirm them via (free) video call or via Photo-ID and set your login code. Done, we'll take care of the rest! Details on identification here.

Like neon? Invite your friends to neon. If they also open an account with neon, not only will you both hopefully enjoy a great product, but you'll also (both!) get 10 CHF.

To do so, go to «Profil» and «Invite a friend» in the neon app. There you can find your personal referral code and can directly share it with your friends. They will then have to enter your code during the account opening. 

A referral is considered successful when your friend has fully opened the account and transferred at least 1 CHF. You will both receive the referral bonus 5-7 days later directly onto your neon account.

To find your neon friends. We want to make payments as simple and fast as they can be. Allow neon access to your phone book to see other people with neon accounts as possible recipients. You'll be able to pay your coffee back with even less clicks than usual. Delete individual contacts with a simple swipe left.
The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) defines certain conditions to prevent money laundering and fraud that apply to all Swiss banks. One of these is that the bank has to verify your identity before opening your account. You do this by confirming your personal info via video call or via Photo-ID. neon needs your data to offer you the neon services like analyses and to make your everyday finances easier. neon does not forward or sell your private information to anyone unless you've explicitly agreed to that or we're bound by the law to do so. You can read about all that in detail in our Privacy Policy for the neon app.
neon needs your data to offer you the neon services like analyses and to make your everyday finances easier. Of course, neon does not forward or sell your private information to anyone unless you've explicitly agreed to that or we're bound by the law to do so. All information about your banking is held in Switzerland with our partner, Hypothekarbank Lenzburg. You can read about all that in detail in our Privacy Policy for the neon app.
After completing the video call or Photo-ID, you'll set your own login code. Normally, you'll get your contract number 1-2 working days afterwards. Why? We check your data before opening your account.

If you entered a voucher code or a referral code, we'll transfer it to you after you've topped up your account. Normally, it'll be in your account within 5 to 7 working days after we've opened your account. If not, please send us an email.

At the moment our partner in identity verification is not able to identify all documents from all countries according to FINMA-standards. Here you'll find a list of all the documents we are able to verify. We currently have no alternative of opening an account for you.

If that is the case, it means that everyone wants neon. :) But we will make it really uncomplicated for you. You don't have to constantly check back. As soon as we're ready, we'll send you an email.

Could be for a number of reasons. Best to just shoot us a message and we will put our best investigators on it.

We’re very sorry to hear that, but we want to make things easy for you. If you’re certain that you want to close your account, first transfer the remaining sum from your neon account to an account with another bank. As soon as your balance with neon reaches 0 CHF, you can close your account yourself in the app. To do so, go to «Profile», «Security» and «Close account». You will receive a confirmation by e-mail and SMS that we have received the request. And an email as soon as the cancellation has been processed. Please note that you cannot reactivate your account nor open a new account with us. Your neon Mastercard will stop working immediately and all open future payments, standing orders, eBills, and direct debits will no longer be executed.

Ayayay. It's a bit difficult to tell from over here, but get in touch and we will find the reason. Open the app, click on «Profile», then «Contact us». You can either call us or send us a message and we'll call you back. Please do not send us sensitive information (account balance, transactions, etc.) via email.

If the payment is still in future payments, you can easily delete it. To do so, you have to go to the «Transactions» tab and click on «Future payments». Then, simply swipe the corresponding payment to the left to delete it. Otherwise, contact us: Open the app, click on «Profile» and on «Contact neon». Choose your preferred method of communication. Please do not send us sensitive information (account balance, transactions, etc.) via email.

Pay once in the traditional way (insert card) and enter your PIN and then try it again contactless. No success? Then change the PIN at the ATM and try again. If it still does not work, please contact us and we will send you a replacement card free of charge.

Contact us. Open the app, click on «Profile», then «Contact us». Choose your preferred method of communication. Please do not send us sensitive information (account balance, transactions, etc.) via email.

Sucks. But don't fret. Block your card yourself in the app by clicking on «Profile», then «Your card» and «Freeze card». Or by calling this card emergency number +41 (0) 43 508 03 19.

You went swimming with it and the rice trick didn't work? Get yourself a new phone, download the app, activate your phone and account by ordering a new device activation code in «Profile», «Security» and «Generate activation code», and carry on banking. Thanks to the separate login code and transaction PIN it's pretty much impossible that someone can access your info or money. But, if you prefer, we can of course lock your account temporarily until you have the new phone. To do so, send us a quick message. Please do not send us sensitive information (account balance, transactions, etc.) via email.

You've tried deleting and reinstalling the app and it still doesn't work? Tell us.

Open the app. On the login screen, underneath the numeric keypad, directly under the zero, click on «Troubles with your login?» and follow the instructions.

If you enter an incorrect login code too many times, we'll temporarily lock your account to protect you. To get access again, just click on «Locked out» at the bottom of the screen and choose «Unlock account».

Go to «Profile», «Security» and select «Reset transaction PIN». To reset your transaction PIN, your device must be deactivated. You can confirm this via the button, check your address and then a new activation code will be sent to you by post. This usually takes 3-4 days. If it is urgent, please call us and we will give you a new activation code.

You can see your card PIN under «Profile», then «Your card». If you don't see it there or want to change your card PIN, you can also order a new one from that same page in the app and it'll be sent to you by post.

1. I still know my PIN:Please drop us an email or give us a call, so we unlock your card. Or wait until the next day, then you can try again.

2. I don't remember it anymore: No problem - you can check your card PIN in the app under «Profile», then «Your card».

Open the app, click on «Profile», select «Security». You'll find the option to activate or deactivate fingerprint/Face ID there.
You can't. Yet. But we're working on it and it's high up on our list of priorities. We'll let you know as soon as this feature is ready. Forgotten your login code? Open the app, click on «Locked out» and follow the instructions.

You can change it by going to «Profile», «Security», and clicking on «Change transaction PIN». You will then be asked to enter your existing transaction PIN before you can set a new one. 

To change your e-mail, phone number or address, please select the «Profile» tab in the app. Then click on «Personal information». You can change your data by clicking on the pencil icon on the right.

If you'd like to change your name, please write us at service_at_neon-free.ch with a copy of your certificate and your new ID/passport.
Open the app, click on «Profile» and then «Personal information». «Change language» let's you... guess what? :D

Your money is as safe as with any other account. Your account is managed by Hypothekarbank Lenzburg and subject to Swiss law, regulated by the FINMA and has deposit insurance (up to 100'000 CHF) - just like any other bank account. Additionally, we've added safety measures to protect your money. We use proven and tested two-factor authentication. As a result, you can only make payments from your own phone. But ask not what neon can do to protect your money but what you can do - choose your codes wisely. And put a passcode on your phone.

We're not planning on it, but it wouldn't really make a difference for you. Because your account is managed by Hypothekarbank Lenzburg (and not by neon), your money will always remain untouched. And your account is protected by Swiss deposit insurance up to 100'000 CHF - just like any other Swiss bank account.
neon needs your data to offer you neon services like analyses and to simplify your everyday finances. Of course, neon does not forward or sell your private information to anyone unless you've explicitly agreed to that or we're bound by law to do so. All information about your transactions is held in Switzerland. You can read about all that in detail in our Privacy Policy for the neon app.
Two-factor authentication is the most common and a proven and tested security standard in online banking. In order to access your account and money, we will always ask for two different identifying factors. Factors are things that only you have, know or are. For example your smartphone, login code or your fingerprint. Bank cards have worked this way for a long time - you need the card itself as well as the PIN that goes with it to use it. At neon those factors are your phone and your personal login code or fingerprint. We verify your phone when you open your account. When you log in for the first time, you set your own transaction PIN that you use to authorise payments. With other banks, you often have to use a second app or a card reader device. But neon wants to make things less complicated for you, so we've built that service in to our app.
Choose a code that can't be guessed easily. Do not use your birthdate or that of a family member, not your car's number plate or your postcode. The codes should all be different. Your login code for neon should not be the same as for your phone in general and not similar to the transaction PIN. Also, don't share the codes with anyone or write them down on a piece of paper.

  • Login code: the login code is a 6-digit code that you can set yourself when opening an account. You need him to log into your app.

  • Contract number: your contract number is the same as your account number. It will be sent to you by mail 1-2 working days after the account opening. The number has 6 digits and you need it to log in to your app (now you can also do this with your email address). Did you know? The contract number is also part of your IBAN: it follows directly on the 7000.

  • Activation code: you don't usually need that. However, if you want to change your phone. install the neon app on an additional device or if you uninstalled the app, you will need to re-enable this device for payments for security reasons. You can order a new activation code directly in the app under «Profile», «Security» and «Generate activation code». We'll mail it to you. For security reasons, the code is only valid once and for a maximum of 30 days.

  • Transaction PIN: the transaction PIN is the second authentication factor next to your login code. You need it to make transfactions from the app. You can define the 4-digit PIN yourself after activating the device.

  • Card PIN: as the name implies, the card PIN belongs to your neon Mastercard. 

The phone authorization is used to identify your device and to activate it for payments. That's for your own safety.

neon wants to bring you the fastest and cheapest account app for your everyday banking, independent of existing banks. With neon, you're completely mobile as you can access your money from anywhere. With an intuitive app and fairer prices. Always confident that your money is safe. Behind the curtain, neon is four founders with a total of over 50 years experience in the banking sector, supported by a strong team with a big vision. They built the app they've been sorely missing.

Freedom. Independence. Mobility. Transparency. Speed. An uncomplicated app, an uncomplicated offer. No CEOs, no large bonuses, no risky business. Just neon and you. Fairer prices. No base fees for your account and card. And no fees for card payments anywhere in the world. The possibilities are endless with neon, because neon grows alongside you. We will offer you more products for retirement or loans, if that's what you need.
Surprisingly little. Your account does not carry a base fee. The card itself costs 10 CHF.

How can we offer that, you ask? Well, not being a bank also means we don't have any offices, not many employees and most of all no bonuses. And we're not reinventing the wheel. Instead, we focus on what we do well: an intuitive app and products that make sense. For the rest, we work with selected and respected partners. That way, our costs remain low and our quality high and we pass all of that on to you.
No, because neon is not a bank. The account is managed by Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, which has a banking licence. That, of course, also means that your money is safely protected by deposit insurance (up to 100'000 CHF).
It's actually quite simple. Strictly speaking it's not neon that offers you the account. Your account is managed by Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, which has a banking licence. That, of course, means that your money is safely protected by deposit insurance (up to 100'000 CHF).
We focus on what we do well: a fast and intuitive app and products that make sense. At the same time we believe your money is safest with a well-established bank that is subject to deposit insurance. That's why we picked Hypothekarbank Lenzburg as our banking partner. By the way: that also means that our costs remain low while offering you high-quality service. We pass these savings directly on to you.
Open the app, click on «Profile». Under «Bank details» you'll find all the information you need.

Open your neon app, go to the «Payments» tab and tap on «Add new payment». There you can choose between scanning or uploading a QR bill or between making a domestic or an international payment.

Go to the «Payments» tab and click on «New payment». Then select either «Scan QR bill» or «Upload QR bill» to pay the QR bill.

Yes. You can transfer money to 40 currency zones, and with no exchange rate surcharges. The exchange is always made using the mean exchange rate, so all that’s left for you is a small fee: a dynamic Wise fee and a 0.4% convenience fee. This is transparently displayed throughout the entire transaction – both before and after you make your transfer.

We use the Mastercard reference rate. Let’s assume it's Wednesday and you pay for a coffee and a croissant abroad with your neon card, you will be charged the exchange rate from Tuesday. In other words, the exchange rate from the day before your card payment is applied. So far, so good.

Now it gets a bit more complicated: Mastercard is an international company, so the different time zones play a role. If you order something totally necessary from a foreign online shop late at night at 11pm, the exchange rate from the same day can be applied due to the time difference. As mentioned, the reason for this is that Mastercard refers to a different time zone in its accounting. In short, depending on the time of day, you will be charged the exchange rate of the same day or the previous day.

Of course, with the neon Mastercard you can pay wherever they take Mastercard. Just use the card number, your validation code (CCV) and the expiry date. Happy shopping!
Future payments are payments that you have released for a future date. This is the case, for example, if you set the execution date for paying an invoice to three weeks. Did you discover a mistake? Just swipe left to delete a future payment. The available balance indicates how much money is currently available for card payments. This amount is typically slightly lower than your account balance, as it already takes into account preliminary card bookings.

Yes. Either invite them to neon (you'll get 10 CHF each), ensure that you and your friends all allow neon access to your respective phonebooks and transfer money with just a few clicks. By the way: Payments from one neon account to another neon account are executed immediately (instant payment). Or use TWINT. Here's how. 

Open the app, now you can see your future payments. Tap the arrow on the right to open the box completely and see all future payments. 

By the way, if you find a mistake, you can now simply swipe left to delete future payments.

Payments within Switzerland are free of charge. In our 20 international currency zones (incl. EUR), you only pay a small fee – one part is dynamically calculated by Wise, and our fee (the convenience fee) is 0.4%. And for each transfer, you get to use the mean exchange rate – with no exchange rate surcharge – which means you can save up to 5%. Find out more here.

Yes, you can!

The easiest way is to add your neon card in the UBS TWINT app. Just download the app, register (have your ID ready) and add your neon card (both the card number and the IBAN). And you're ready to go! If you already have the app, you can add your neon card under «Settings» and then «Manage payment methods».

Else you can also download TWINT Prepaid. To sync, open the TWINT Prepaid app, click on «Register», enter your contact details and take a photo of your ID. In the menu, go to «Top up credit», then «Bank account» and choose Hypothekarbank Lenzburg. You'll be asked to take a photo of your neon card and enter your IBAN. After verification, the bank will authorise the connection between neon and TWINT, which usually takes 1-2 working days. TWINT Prepaid is a prepaid service, so you'll have to move money from neon over to TWINT before you can start using TWINT to make payments.

Whether you're tall or short, old or young, have a lot of money or are always skint, whether you prefer tea or coffee, are a cat or dog person - we couldn't care less. All you need is to be over 16, a Swiss domicile, be a resident for tax purposes exclusively in Switzerland and a valid identity document from one of these countries (in combination with a B/C foreigner's permit).

In principle, yes. With your contract number and login code you can log in to your neon account on any device on which the neon app is installed. In order to make payments, however, you'll have to activate the «new» device. To do so, you can create an activation code on the device on which your neon account is already active (i.e. your «old» device) by going to «Profile», clicking on «Security», and «Generate activation code». Then, enter this activation code in the neon app on your «new» device in the «Profile» tab under «Activate device».

The company will give you a form. Complete it and send it to Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, Bahnhofstrasse 2, 5600 Lenzburg. We'll set that up for you. Do you have any questions about the form? Just send us a scan or a photo and we will try to answer that.

The current daily transaction limit is 50'000 CHF. With your card, you can withdraw up to 2'000 CHF cash per day, spend 5'000 CHF online and another 5'000 CHF in stores every day but your monthly max limit is 10'000 CHF. If you exceptionally need more, write us and we'll have a look at it.

Activate your card in the app by clicking on «Profile» and «Activate card».

When you confirm a payment with the card, the merchant creates a «reservation» for it on the card. This reservation is visible in the app with a small clock. As soon as the merchant wants to debit the amount (usually within 2-3 days), this is then displayed in the app as a booked payment. According to Mastercard rules, a merchant has between 7 and 31 days to effectively debit a reservation to the account.

At the moment, we're experiencing some delays in the synchronisation between your card and the app. Payments by card will show up only a few minutes later in the app, so, your app balance is up to date. But if you transfer money to your account, it is usually avaible to you within a few hours (on working days). We're working on making this faster, with real-time display of course being the final goal.

For a few types of transactions, you may not receive the push notification and only see the transaction later (up to two days) in the app, once it is actually booked on your card. Therefore, your card balance (which is always up to date) could be lower than what you see in the app. This is a temporary issue that should be resolved soon, it is due to the current finalisation of implementing a new card processor.

Our card have a new range of numbers that isn't recognized yet by all apps. As a default, they show USD, but don't worry - the currency of your card is indeed CHF. If you find this somewhere, please let us know so we can follow up.

Yes! Go to «Profile», then «eBill» to set them up. Already connected your eBill to another account? No worries. Just connect your existing eBill account with your neon.

First, you should immediately block your card: either in the app by clicking on «Profile», then «Your card» and «Freeze card». Or by calling our 24-hour card emergency number (+41 (0)43 508 03 19). Then send us an email, so we can take a look at the incident together and discuss the next steps. Please note that we can’t accept requests to block cards by email. 

All credit card transactions are processed via Mastercard and forwarded to our partner bank Hypothekarbank Lenzburg for settlement. After the amount has been posted in your neon account, as the card owner you have the option of contacting us to object to a transaction within 30 days. In this case, write to us and we’ll let you know what the next steps are.

The neon Mastercard® is available for Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, and SwatchPAY!. To find out how to connect neon to the various mobile payment providers, click here.

Two Mastercards are not possible currently. But we know you'd really love that option, so we're working on figuring out a way to make it happen. We'll let you know as soon as anything changes.

Unfortunately, this is not yet possible, but we're working on it. For very urgent cases, you can go to a Postomat machine, it works there.

Yes and no. There is no direct way to deposit cash into your account because neon is 100% digital and has no counters. But you have two options.

Option 1: Buy a TWINT top-up in Coop and discharge the credit to your neon account via the TWINT app. You can buy these TWINT top-ups (also called credit codes) at the post office, in Coop supermarkets, at Coop Bau+Hobby and at Coop City (food and non-food). You will receive the credit code at the checkout in the form of a receipt.

This is how it works with the UBS TWINT app: buy the credit code, open the app and scan the QR code or enter the credit code - the amount will be credited to your neon account after 2-3 working days. Please note: you must select neon as the credit account, which you can do in the app under «Settings». If you are also a UBS customer, the UBS account is always set as the default account and cannot be changed.

With TWINT Prepaid, you do the same, but then also click on the three dots at the top right of the main screen, select «Unload credit» and enter the desired amount and your neon IBAN - the amount will be credited to your neon account after 2-3 working days.

Option 2: Create a QR deposit slip online (enter your neon IBAN and your name), print it out and take it to a post office counter. Please note that the post office charges a fee for this.

With Sonect you can withdraw cash at many shops, bars or restaurants - without any fees, as often as you want. That's how.

If you spend at least 10 CHF, you can ask for cash at the Lidl checkout. Your desired amount (up to a maximum of 300 CHF per withdrawal) is then simply added to your purchase.

For tax and regulatory reasons we can currently only accept users that are exclusively domiciled and tax domiciled in Switzerland.

A joint acount is not possible currently. But we know you'd really love that option, so we're working on figuring out a way to make it happen. We'll let you know as soon as anything changes. In the meantime, they may want to open their own neon account - after all, it's free, and if you use your personal referral code, you'll get 10 CHF each.

A second account/subaccount is not possible currently. But we know you'd really love that option, so we're working on figuring out a way to make it happen. We'll let you know as soon as anything changes.

We cannot offer you a business account, as neon is a purely private account (this also applies to freelancers). This means that you are not allowed to use it for business purposes. As a private person, you are of course always welcome.

Yes, you receive interest on the total balance in your Spaces – the interest does not apply to the balance on your main account.

As of 01.07.2023, the following interest rates are in effect:

0 - 25'000 CHF: 0.9% 

above 25'000 CHF: 0.65% 

Example: You have five Spaces with a total balance of 30'000 CHF. You then earn 0.9% interest per year on your first 25'000 CHF and 0.65% on the other 5'000 CHF.

Between 01.04.2023 and 30.06.2023, you received 0.4% interest on the total balance in your Spaces (up to 25'000 CHF).

Between 01.01.2023 and 31.03.2023, you received 0.15% interest on the total balance in your Spaces (up to 25'000 CHF).

The interest will be paid out at the end of each year. 

You can find the Spaces in your neon app in the «Transactions» tab at the top, right next to your main account.

Click here to go to our Spaces blog with more information. 

No, we no longer charge negative interest as of 1 October 2022. Yes, none at all!

Note: we charged negative interest in the period from 1 July 2022 to 30 September 2022. There were no negative interest on amounts of up to 99'999 CHF, −0.25% on amounts of 100'000 CHF or more, and −0.50% on amounts of 125'000 CHF or more. 

From 30 September 2021 to 30 June 2022 there was no negative interest on amounts of up to 99'999 CHF, −0.75% on amounts of 100'000 CHF or more, and −1% on amounts of 125'000 CHF or more. 

The negative interest applied to the amount above 100’000 CHF or 125’000 CHF and was debited to your neon account at the end of each year.

The tax statement will be available in the app every year from mid-January. You will find it under «Profile», then «Account statements» and «Tax statement». NB: The amount on the tax statement may differ slightly from the amount you saw on your account at the end of December if some transactions have not yet been posted.

For security reasons, activation codes are only valid once and for a maximum of 30 days. Need a new one? Go to «Profile», «Security» and «Generate activation code» to order one directly in the app.

Yeah, sometimes fingerprint / face id throws a temper tantrum. Best try the oldest trick in the book: switch it off and on again in «Profile» > «Security» and see if it works. If not, let us know.

PS: neon does not save your biometric data.
For technical reasons, it's not yet possible to show transactions in real-time. But we're working on it, because you deserve full and immediate control.

Spaces are your way to subdivide the money in your neon account. So you don't have to have all your money in one place anymore, but you can easily move parts of it into your Spaces.

Click on «Spaces» to get to your Spaces overview. In order to use the feature, we'll set it up for you first. This should take about a minute. Once this is done, you can create your first Space. Just click on «Add Spaces». You can choose from ten icons that best fit the purpose of your Space and give it its own name. And just like that, your first Space is created! Up to 10 different Spaces are possible.

Important: You can only move money between your main account and a Space. The amount you want to move to your Space must therefore first be available on your main account.

Open your Space and click on «Add money». Enter the desired amount and confirm. The money will now be deducted from your main account and added to your Space. The other way around is just as easy: Click on «Withdraw» to move money from your Space back to your main account. In your main account, a transfer will appear as a normal transaction, just like you know it from your other payments with neon. An overview of the movements per Space can be found in each Space.

The cumulated monthly limit for withdrawals from all your Spaces to your main account is 50'000 CHF per calendar month – this limit does not apply to payments and transfers going out of your main account. Please be aware that if you exceed this monthly limit, you'll have to pay a 2% fee at the end of the year on the exceeding amount. If you plan to withdraw more than 50'000 CHF in one specific month, it's best to reach out to us so we can explain everything in detail.

Our tip: Since the limit is set per calendar month, you can simply split your withdrawals between the end of one month and the beginning of the next one. Let's have a look at an example:

Say you withdraw 30'000 CHF, then 20'000 CHF, then 5'000 CHF from your Spaces within the same calendar month. In this case, you would have to pay a fee of 2% on the amount exceeding the limit of 50'000 CHF. This corresponds to 2% of 5'000 CHF, meaning 100 CHF in fees. You should definitely try to avoid this. 

Instead, you could withdraw 30'000 CHF and 20'000 CHF in the same calendar month, but wait for the first day of the next month to withdraw another 5'000 CHF. This way, you don't have to pay any fee.

No. You can only move between the main account and Space. However, we are looking into whether we can offer you this option in the long term.

50'000 CHF per day. But be careful: Transfers to and from Spaces are considered normal payments. You can therefore transfer e.g. 25'000 CHF to a Space and then 25'000 CHF back again, but then you cannot trigger any further payments on the same day (nor pay any further bills), because you can only trigger a total of 50'000 CHF per day in payments on your account. On the next day, 50'000 CHF are possible again. Also, take note of the monthly withdrawal limit for Spaces.

Yes, of course! To do this, start a transfer to your Space as usual and select «Make it recurring». 

If you make a transfer on the weekend or in the evening, it will be executed immediately, but it will not be posted until the next business day. Therefore, the date of the transaction displayed in the app may be in the future.

At the moment you can't change names and images for existing Spaces. But we are checking how we can offer this functionality in the future.

Normal transactions - like paying for your lunch with the neon card or paying your electricity bill - are always deducted from your main account. Therefore, make sure that you have enough money on your main account, especially if you have set up recurring payments, LSV, eBill or future payments. Money that is on your Spaces is segregated so you don't spend it by mistake.

No. The money from card payments is always deducted from your main account. So if you have saved money for your vacations in your Space, you have to move it to the main account first. Only then you can spend it.

No. The same goes for money that is transferred to your neon account: Everything always ends up in your main account first. From there you can move it to your individual Spaces.

No, there isn't.

YYes, you will receive the tax statement for your neon account, including the funds in your Spaces, in January.

Yes. You can use your neon account without Spaces and just leave all your neon money in your main account.

There are no custody fees with us, which is advantageous if you want to hold the shares and ETFs for longer. For all ETFs and Swiss shares, you pay 0.5% of the purchase or sale price per transaction, for international shares the fee is 1.0% – there are no additional fees for currency exchange.

In addition, each purchase/sale is subject to the mandatory Swiss stamp duty – for Swiss shares and ETFs you pay 0.075% stamp duty and 0.150% for foreign securities.

We offer you a large selection of the most traded shares in Switzerland and the world as well as the most important ETFs.

You can find a list here.

Your shares and ETFs are traded on the BX Swiss exchange, formerly the Bern stock exchange.

You can buy and sell shares and ETFs from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:30. Here you can see on which holidays the exchange is closed.

With 24/7 Investing you can also order a buy/sell outside the exchange opening hours. Let's say you want to sell your Tesla stock at midnight on a Tuesday, but the stock market is closed. Enter a pending order in the app to sell your Tesla stock on Wednesday morning when the exchange opens at 9:00 am. Please note: The displayed price of the share may differ from the actual (sale) price at the opening of the stock exchange.

Yes, because your investments belong to the so-called special assets, which are not part of the bank's bankruptcy estate. To put it more simply: your investments always belong to you.

Regardless of whether you invest on a large scale or only invest 10 CHF per month – we do not set any limits, neither for the minimum nor the maximum amount.

At the moment, we support so-called market orders. This means that the purchases/sales are executed immediately at the best current price. 

In the future, we would also like to enable you to place limit orders. With a limit order, you set a minimum or maximum price – as soon as your share reaches the minimum or maximum price you set, it is automatically bought or sold.

For legal reasons, you must be at least 18 years old to invest in the neon app.

Our prices in the app are as fresh as the croissants at the bakery in the morning. Every time you see a price in the app, it is requested directly from BX Swiss in the background. 

When the stock exchange is closed, the last price is displayed – i.e., the price at the close of the exchange. If you look at the detailed price history of a share or an ETF, the periods without prices (i.e., everything outside the trading hours of BX Swiss) are skipped.

The price of a security depends on numerous factors including the currency, the trading centre, the time of searching, or the spread. In addition, it also plays a role whether you look at the buy or the sell price (ask/bid). Therefore, you will not necessarily see the same prices on neon invest as on Google or on other providers' platforms.

The short answer: To make it easier for you and to avoid having to convert currencies, we can trade directly in CHF with BX Swiss.

The longer answer: Our exchange BX Swiss offers a very advantageous spread as well as a good buy/sell price, which already includes the currency conversion. This means for you: Double win - you get a good buy/sell price and you have no additional costs for the currency exchange later on.

Cash dividends, par value repayments, etc. will be credited directly to your neon account by our partner bank. If a foreign security (e.g. US stock in USD) results in a distribution such as a dividend, our partner bank will convert it into Swiss francs and credit the Swiss franc amount to your neon main account. The exchange rate is updated by our partner bank at least twice a day and includes an interbank rate margin of about 1.5%.

For your information: The amount is always paid out after deduction of the corresponding withholding tax / source tax. This depends on the domicile of the security. As an example: If it is a Swiss share, then 35% withholding tax will be deducted from the gross amount. You will see this amount at the end of the year in the tax statement in the app and can then claim it back on your tax return.

If it is a foreign share, then the source tax applies here. The amount differs from country to country. It is possible that you can offset this tax in full or in part on your tax return.

The difference between the price you pay when buying and the price you receive when selling a financial instrument is called spread. Spreads exist on all exchanges and are usually higher for less popular stocks and ETFs that are owned and traded by fewer people. Investors are generally interested in selling shares or ETFs at a high price or buying it at a low price. This means that there is a natural gap between the buying and the selling price. To make the trade happen, you need to bridge this gap and you «pay» the spread compared to the theoretical price in the middle.

A spread is the difference between the bid and the ask price of a security. This difference can be influenced by factors such as liquidity, trading volume, or volatility of the security. Depending on the liquidity of a security, the spread may also include a risk premium. This is the case, for example, with US securities in the morning, as the US stock exchanges do not open until the afternoon of our time and thus liquidity is accordingly lower.

To see the spread of a security, you can search for the name or ISIN of the security on the BX Swiss homepage using the red search bar at the top of the page.

In Switzerland, the Federal Tax Administration levies the so-called stamp duty when buying or selling a share, an ETF, and other securities. The bank or broker – in our case Hypothekarbank Lenzburg – deducts this tax and passes it on to the Federal Tax Administration (FTA). On Swiss securities your share of the stamp duty is 0.075%, on foreign securities it's 0.150%.

Depending on the domicile of the security, taxes on income (especially dividends) may be payable. In Switzerland it is called withholding tax and amounts to 35%. Abroad it is called source tax and the amount varies from country to country. The income is always credited to you after the deduction of this tax. You can see the deducted tax on your receipt (go to Profile > Account statements > Trade documents) and at the end of the year also on your tax return (also in the app).

It is possible that you can have all or part of this tax credited back to you via your tax return.

Yes, at the beginning of the new year, the tax statement for the tax return (main account and spaces) will be available in the app (free PDF).

For invest users, we will make the tax statement (main account, Spaces and invest) available in eTax format from February.

Whether digital or printed: our tax certificates allow you to submit your documents easily and conveniently.

At the moment we do not yet offer a custody account transfer from another bank or another broker to neon. However, we have just finished the product for the launch with a defined scope of functionality. Of course, we will now continuously expand the product, and will also look into the topic of custody account transfers.

Yes, this is possible for a fee of 100 CHF per position. For example, if you have 30 Tesla shares and 17 Apple shares in your neon portfolio, transferring your securities from neon to another bank or another broker will cost you CHF 200.

At the moment, we do not offer registration in the shareholder register. Therefore, it is also not possible to participate in a general meeting of a company, and no material/natural dividends (shareholder gifts) can be received. Our offer is currently focused on an investment, and not on further services / activities for you as a shareholder. Thus, also your voting rights are not exercised. 

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