27. November 2018

neon and Sonect - that's how it's done

neon always wants to make sure you have the best possible product. There is a huge demand for different features and we’re not able to meet every need ourselves. That’s why we work with partners. These partners need to align with our philosophy, and (above all else) they also need to benefit you by meeting these very needs. For this to work, our partners have to be affordable, digital and always on the hunt for world-changing products. In this blog, we’ll be introducing you to our hand-picked partners – who knows, you might even find something that’s up your street. 

Every ATM is a neon-ATM and now, you can also withdraw cash at every k kiosk and many corner shops and restaurant. Sonect turns them all into ATMs. And: withdrawals with Sonect are free. As often as you want.

You already use Sonect via neon?

  • Update your Sonect app to its latest version
  • In the latest version of the app, click on the + for «Sonect Wallet».  
  • Click on «Debit / Credit cards & more» and enter your neon card details. (Sonect no longer works via your account, but directly via your neon Mastercard).
  • The rest is as usual. 

You don't use Sonect yet?

  • Download the latest version of Sonect app
  • Do the registration.
  • On the top, click on «Activate your Services», enter your neon IBAN and choose «neon» as your 'bank'.
  • You are now flagged as a neon customer and can withdraw cash for free at every Sonect location.
  • To do so, top up your Sonect Wallet using your neon Mastercard (3D Secure).
  • Just click on «Topup Now», select an amount and insert your neon card details.
  • Now you never have to search for an ATM again.

Are you already a Sonect user via another bank and want to benefit from the free withdrawals with neon?

  • Go to your profile in the Sonect app and click on «Payment preferences». Under «Change IBAN», enter your neon IBAN.
  • You now just need to top up your Sonect Wallet using your neon Mastercard.

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