neon free

neon free.

The everyday account
with zero base fees.
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Open your account from anywhere

  • Do your part of the account registration in under 10 minutes in the app. (We'll then need 2-3 days until your account is ready.)
  • Identification via Photo-ID (24/7) or video call (available Mo-Sa, 07 - 22)
  • Fully paperless – sign your contract and get your access directly on your phone
  • You'll need: passport/ID (and foreigner's permit), to be living in Switzerland, at least 15 years

Your account in your pocket

  • Your private account for your everyday needs - salary, leisure, travel
  • No base fees
  • Spaces – to split your money
  • Up to 0.50% interest
  • Your banking details always at the ready
  • Feel safe – deposit insurance (up to 100'000 CHF)
  • Managed by Hypothekarbank Lenzburg

More about our partnership with Hypothekarbank Lenzburg (german)

One card for everything

  • Pay anywhere – no fees (not even exchange rate spread), no worries
  • Never think twice about what card to use – your neon Mastercard® can do everything
  • Pay online and worldwide 
  • Withdraw money at any ATM
  • Pay with Apple, Google, Samsung, Garmin Pay, or SwatchPAY
  • One card – one pricing, and fair 
  • Activate, freeze, and unfreeze your card in the app
  • Look up your card PIN and card details in the app

Stay in control

  • For each card payment you instantly get a push notification. Shortly after you see them in the app.
  • Control your spending thanks to intelligent categories
  • Never lose important receipts – attach them as a photo to your payments
  • Tag payments to a trip or project to keep them together
  • Recognise where you're spending money thanks to our logos
  • See how much you pay on average at your favorite restaurant

Send money with only a few clicks

  • No need for a second app, card reader or code generator – thanks to your own in-app transaction PIN
  • Transfer money to your neon friends directly from your contact list
  • Scan QR bills directly
  • Stop entering IBANs digit by digit – just scan them
  • Transfers to 40 currency zones
  • Recurring payments
  • eBill

Absolutely safe - lean back and don't worry

  • Log in with fingerprint/Face ID
  • Two-factor-authentication – transfers are only possible from your activated smartphone with your own transaction PIN
  • Managed by Hypothekarbank Lenzburg – deposit insurance (up to 100'000 CHF) and FinMa-regulated
  • Data storage only in Switzerland

Other things we do for your security

Frequently asked questions about neon

neon wants to bring you the fastest and cheapest account app for your everyday banking, independent of existing banks. With neon, you're completely mobile as you can access your money from anywhere. With an intuitive app and fairer prices. Always confident that your money is safe. Behind the curtain, neon is four founders with a total of over 50 years experience in the banking sector, supported by a strong team with a big vision. They built the app they've been sorely missing.

Freedom. Independence. Mobility. Transparency. Speed. An uncomplicated app, an uncomplicated offer. No CEOs, no large bonuses, no risky business. Just neon and you. Fairer prices. No base fees for your account and card. And no fees for card payments anywhere in the world. The possibilities are endless with neon, because neon grows alongside you. We will offer you more products for retirement or loans, if that's what you need.

Surprisingly little. Your account does not carry a base fee. The card itself costs 20 CHF.
How can we offer that, you ask? Well, not being a bank also means we don't have any offices, not many employees and most of all no bonuses. And we're not reinventing the wheel. Instead, we focus on what we do well: an intuitive app and products that make sense. For the rest, we work with selected and respected partners. That way, our costs remain low and our quality high and we pass all of that on to you.

Whether you're tall or short, old or young, have a lot of money or are always skint, whether you prefer tea or coffee, are a cat or dog person - we couldn't care less. All you need is to be over 15, a Swiss domicile, be a resident for tax purposes exclusively in Switzerland and a valid identity document from one of these countries (in combination with a B/C foreigner's permit).

Your money is as safe as with any other account. Your account is managed by Hypothekarbank Lenzburg and subject to Swiss law, regulated by the FINMA and has deposit insurance (up to 100'000 CHF) - just like any other bank account. Additionally, we've added safety measures to protect your money. We use proven and tested two-factor authentication. As a result, you can only make payments from your own phone. But ask not what neon can do to protect your money but what you can do - choose your codes wisely. And put a passcode on your phone.

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