Travelling with neon

Pay worldwide without any fees - save 3%

With your worldwide accepted neon Mastercard® you can pay everywhere for free and save on average 3% per purchase.

Read more in our blog.

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Low ATM-fees

Sometimes you just need cash. With the neon card, you pay only 1.5% - anywhere. No exchange rate surcharge. That way, you save about 50% compared to standard credit cards.

You can find tips on withdrawing cash abroad here. 

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For those who want to know the details

Hidden fees? Not necessary. We pass the Mastercard reference rate (more info here) along to you. And: no matter where you are, your data remains in Switzerland.

More details about the chart here.

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Bad luck on the road?

Don't worry. You can freeze/unfreeze your card directly in the app. If you don't have internet, you can also reach us 24/7 by phone. For every payment, you get a push notification immediately. So if you discover a strange payment, block your card and let us know right away. The best way we can help you is by email.

In case of mobile phone emergencies you don't have to block anything. Just activate your new device - like this.

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Mobile payments, here's how easy it is

Thanks to Mobile Payment, you can leave your wallet at home and make purchases with your smartphone, wherever you are. Just add your neon Mastercard® to the Mobile Payment app on your smartphone. 

With your neon card, you can use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. Which means that anyone with an iPhone, a Samsung mobile or lots of other Android devices can use neon’s Mobile Payment options. Find out how to add your neon card on your smartphone here.


Get your card in 7 days

If you open your account today, you will receive your neon Mastercard within the next 7 days. Just in time for your trip.

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