7. July 2020

neon and Smile - protect your everyday life like your account

neon always wants to make sure you have the best possible product. There is a huge demand for different features and we’re not able to meet every need ourselves. That’s why we work with partners. These partners need to align with our philosophy, and (above all else) they also need to benefit you by meeting these very needs. For this to work, our partners have to be affordable, digital and always on the hunt for world-changing products. In this blog, we’ll be introducing you to our hand-picked partners – who knows, you might even find something that’s up your street. 

Note: our partnership with Smile is a paid cooperation.

We at neon make sure your money is protected. And your home and your vehicles for everyday life want to be protected, too. And you want all of this just as you want your banking: Simple. Digital. Flexible. At a fair price for a good performance. And good service should be just as much a part of the deal as the chocolate powder on your cappuccino (otherwise you may as well have a latte). Not easy, but if you look, you find. We found Smile. Looks orange, but is neon-coloured.

Let us tell you more about why we decided to go for this partnership, introduce Smile as a company and then their products. We also show you what makes Smile different from their competition. And if you want to try Smile, we have various offers ready for you.

About the partnership

About Smile

About the insurance products

About the special offer

About the partnership: What are our plans with Smile?

Smile is more than just a good product recommendation. With this strategic partnership, we have the vision of building a so-called mobile Bancassurance model. This means nothing other than combining mobile banking and insurance services. Such a model does not yet exist in Switzerland. The goal and success criterion of this new mobile Bancassurance solution is to offer users the right financial products where the need arises. In other words: we want to create new products for you, deliver them at the right time and make your banking and insurance matters even easier.

About Smile: Meet Smile – direct, 100% online, flexible, different

Just as neon got rid of branches, Smile does not have insurance agents. So no one you have to pay commission for with your premium. Because who knows what you need and how much your stuff is worth more than you? And the last time you took out insurance, didn't you do it online anyway?

It's the same with Smile – take a look at the website and click through it. If you like it, you can take out your new insurance online in a few minutes. And you can easily manage it afterwards via an app that has won a few prizes. 

If you do decide to change your mind, you won't be stuck in an annoying contract for years - you can cancel any month at Smile. As the first insurance company in Switzerland. We like that. 

You can also choose how you want to pay. By card (we like that too – we know a nice one :D ) or by bank transfer.

How safe is online-only?

Do you also always ask yourself how trustworthy online-only offers really are? Then you have a healthy protective mechanism. Just as neon can offer you deposit protection thanks to our partnership with the Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, Smile also works with a strong partner: the Helvetia Group.

And what if I do want to talk to someone?

Then Smile is there for you. By telephone, chat, e-mail or even Whatsapp, whichever you prefer. The comparison portal Comparis gave Smile great marks for accessibility and customer care!

About the products: what does Smile insure?

Smile has the whole range of insurances. However, three of the most important insurances in Switzerland are: household/third party, car and motorcycle insurance. That's why we would like to give you a brief introduction of the advantages of taking out any of these insurances with Smile. In addition to everything you are used to, there are some special features:

Household/third party insurance for the entire household

Automatically insured: everyone. Even weekly residents. Plus free bonus protection: the premium does not increase after a claim. And with a small upgrade for household insurance, you are also protected if your mobile phone surrenders to gravity and falls to the ground. Or if your laptop insists on having a sip of coffee.

Car and motorcycle insurance with partner garages and marten protection

You profit from numerous advantages with a vehicle insurance. No matter whether your vehicle has two or four wheels. The bonus level remains as low as ever - no matter how many claims you have. In other words there is no premium increase after a claim. With your motorcycle, equipment such as your helmet, your suit or your navigation system is also insured. And if you have your four-wheeled vehicle repaired at a partner garage, you are entitled to some extra features: free pick-up and delivery service, a free replacement car, reduced deductible and no deductible for hail and broken glass. Of course you can also just go to the garage of your choice.

And: no matter how nature-loving you are, for most of us it stops at marten damage. But don't worry - with Smile, marten damage is insured in the partial coverage. With no limit on the amount. Including consequential costs. 

About the special offer: And what is the deal for me as a neon customer?

Our common goal is, as mentioned, a profound cooperation. And to get you started, we've arranged a bonus for you: You will get 50 CHF for your new motorcycle insurance and 50 CHF for your new household insurance. For your car insurance, you will even receive a bonus of 120 CHF. Your bonuses will be paid out in the form of Rewards Points directly in the Smile app when the insurance policy period has started. 

In addition to the points for new insurance policies, you can also collect Rewards Points in the Smile app with other activities. For example, by using Smile's Drive Coach. You can then convert your collected Rewards Points into cash via the Smile app in just a few clicks (and have the money paid out to your neon account). In other words, downloading the Smile app is more than worth it. 

Important: The offers are only valid if you take out an insurance policy with Smile as a new customer. Also, you must take out the insurances via the following link: Household, motorcycle, and car insurance (German). If you have any questions about the insurances or the Rewards Points, get in touch with Smile. Or ask us.

(Smile is available in German, French and Italian)

We’ll also earn a bit of money from this deal, as we do with all our partners.

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