22. June 2020

neon and Selma – investing made easy

neon always wants to make sure you have the best possible product. There is a huge demand for different features and we’re not able to meet every need ourselves. That’s why we work with partners. These partners need to align with our philosophy, and (above all else) they also need to benefit you by meeting these very needs. For this to work, our partners have to be affordable, digital and always on the hunt for world-changing products. In this blog, we’ll be introducing you to our hand-picked partners – who knows, you might even find something that’s up your street. 

Note: our partnership with Selma is a paid cooperation.

Money really does make the world go round. You can use it to buy tasty food (what’s better than that?), or to book a flight to the Caribbean (sadly, nobody’s invented teleportation yet). You can even stash it under your mattress (although we don’t recommend this). But lots of people also invest their money. Sounds a bit too complicated for you? Shares and the like make your head spin? You’d rather leave it all to the people on Wall Street? We won’t hear a word of it! Thanks to our partner Selma, you don’t even need to have seen the film Wall Street to be able to dive headfirst into the world of investments. 

What’s Selma?

Selma is a Zurich-based fintech start-up, founded in 2016. Selma aims to make investing simple, easy to understand and exciting – plus completely digital, to boot. They sound practically identical to neon, right? Well, keep reading. This start-up has developed a digital investment assistant that’s also called Selma, as luck would have it. Strictly speaking, Selma is a robot. But how does she work? 

Before any money comes into play, Selma asks you a few questions: how much cash you’ve got tucked away, whether you’re already holding any investments and what your future plans are. Selma uses your answers to independently work out your investment priorities. She also understands if you prefer a cautious approach or if you’re more of a risk-taker, automatically creating a mix of stocks that’s tailored to you and your needs. At this point, you won’t have invested any real money yet, so you can consider whether you really want to invest in this package. And of course, you can adjust the mix yourself. Prefer to invest in gold instead of stocks? No problem. Plus, someone from Selma’s team is always available to give you advice via chat or on the phone if you need a hand. 

Only after all this, if you're feeling ready, you open your account. Transfer the amount you want to invest into your account: you can join from just CHF 2,000. Your account is with Switzerland’s Saxo Bank, meaning your money is ultra-secure. Then Selma gets down to business: she buys and sells parts of your investment independently, while always keeping an eye on your risk requirements. You can give Selma more information whenever you like – if you were to buy a house, for example. After all, a purchase of this size inevitably changes your risk profile as you might want to put some money aside for it. Otherwise, you can sit back and relax.

The deal

We’ve put our heads together with Selma to come up with a great deal for you: If you open an account with Selma using the code «neondeal» and transfer at least 2'000 CHF from your neon account to Selma, you'll receive a welcome gift of 100 CHF on your new Selma account (4 x 25 CHF over the course of one year). Not bad, right? 

If you have any questions about the product or the deal, we’re here to help, and so are Selma’s staff. 

But if everything’s clear to you, what are you waiting for? Get investing!

We’ll also earn a bit of money from this deal, as we do with all our partners.

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