neon green x comparis

neon green.

Your digital everyday account
that plants trees on your behalf.

Your digital everyday account, that plants trees for you

Pay bills with just a few clicks via the app or pay worldwide and online free of charge with the neon Mastercard. 
With the climate-neutral private account, everything to do with your account is super easy. 

Simply try it out now:
1. download the app. 
2. select neon green
2. open an account digitally and enter the code «comparis» *. 
3. receive your card within 7 working days. 

* With the code «comparis» we give you CHF 10 starting credit!


Thanks to our partner myclimate, your neon green account is completely carbon-neutral – right from day one.

We plant five bonus trees for you every month – these offset more than the annual CO2 consumption of the average Swiss person. So you’re already making a positive difference to the climate.

Planting trees on the go: for every 100 CHF you spend on your neon green card, we'll plant a tree for you, so your CO2 credit grows.

What’s more sustainable than long-lasting products? That’s why we partnered with the insurance company ERV – so you can repair your electronic devices for 3 years longer at no cost.

Your investments can have a positive impact with help from our partner, Inyova – the service is digital, straightforward and, with neon green, cheaper.

It’s a great feeling when the trees you’ve planted grow into a forest in the app – and you can share your arboreal ardour with all your friends.

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