0% fee ETFs

0% fee ETFs.

No trading fees.
No custody account fees & currency costs.
Investing like this pays off.
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neon & Invesco with new «0% fee ETFs»

neon is here to make a difference. We have successfully changed the everyday banking experience with our simple, intuitive account app and low fees. Now we also want to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to start investing. And therefore, together with our partner Invesco, we offer our «0% fee ETFs».

Two strong partners – shared philosophy

With Invesco, we have gained an experienced partner for this unique offer. An independent asset manager, ranked among the top 4 largest issuers of investment products, such as ETFs or funds worldwide, and known for its attractively priced offerings. Our joint ambition to change the market with innovative products makes us a pETFect duo.


The offer: two «0% fee ETFs»

With neon invest, you normally pay 0.5% fees when buying or selling ETFs. With our offer, we are now also removing this last small entry hurdle by covering the trading fees for you for two selected Invesco ETFs. There are no custody account fees or currency costs with us anyway. The only remaining costs are the state stamp duty and the product costs of the ETF. Investing like this pays off.

The offer is valid until we launch our investment plan and the trading fees will be reimbursed to your neon account on the business day following the execution of the purchase or sale.

Totally global or sustainable & innovative

With Invesco's Global Stocks (FTSE) ETF, you invest in over 1'900 companies and almost 50 countries – practically the whole world in a single ETF. In addition, this ETF convinces with its low ongoing charge, the so-called Total Expense Ratio (TER). 

With the Global Stocks ESG Climate Paris Aligned ETF, on the other hand, you invest only in companies that comply with the Paris Climate Agreement and meet the ESG criteria in the environmental, social and governance areas.


ETF without WTF

Still wondering what those 3 cryptic letters mean? ETF stands for «Exchange-Traded Fund».

Think of it as a basket of many different stocks and bonds that you buy ready to go and don't have to put together yourself. A well-balanced mix – therefore usually associated with lower risks – and no agony of choice. This passive form of investment is particularly worthwhile in the long term.



This publication is an offer pursuant to Art. 3 lit. g FIDLEG, but does not constitute a recommendation to purchase. The factsheets of the two ETFs are linked above and are available in the neon app. Investing involves risks, so seek advice from independent experts.
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