7. June 2022

Revival: neon dances with you at the Zürich Openair – bring your friends!

They're back at last: the dearly missed festivals! After having danced together at the Zürich Openair 3 (very!) long years ago, we will be back again this year, from the 23rd to the 27th of August 2022. And once again, we will be present with a stand where various exciting activities are waiting for you (more details about the stand and the activities will follow in the next few weeks in this blog – stay tuned)!

But before making your way to the festival, you obviously need tickets. Don't worry, we've got you covered: We came up with a special prize draw in which we will be giving away a total of 54 day tickets among all neon users who successfully refer neon to their friends between now and the 15th of July 2022. That’s a piece of cake for you since you already refer neon to your friends anyway, right? Read on to find out how – with a little effort and a bit of luck – you can dance at ZOA with your friends (and us) for free.

neon ❤️ Zürich Openair

How to get free ZOA 2022 tickets for you and your friends

Special bonus: Past referrals also count!


The conditions of participation

neon ❤️ Zürich Openair – a love story like Dirty Dancing

Some of you may remember that the story of Zürich Openair and neon started way back in 2019. Oh, the memories: ZOA was the first cashless festival in Switzerland, neon was the first independent Swiss account app and we were all dancing and celebrating the launch of neon in and around our festival stand (see picture below)! Yup, we totally fell in love with ZOA back then, all while dancing. Just as if we were Baby from Dirty Dancing and the ZOA was our dance partner Johnny.

And who remembers how Dirty Dancing ends? That's right: Johnny comes back, performs a great dance with Baby and, in the end, the whole crowd is on their feet dancing like crazy! And that's exactly how it's going to be for us this year: ZOA comes back like Johnny and we will burn down the dance floor (not literally, of course!) with all of you to experience our next «Time of our Life».

To guarantee that things will get even wilder at ZOA than at the end of Dirty Dancing, we need as many dance-hungry guests as possible. That's why we've set up a prize draw so that you can join us and show off your best dance moves to the sound of more recent superstars like David Guetta or Kings of Leon.

Update 1: Our neon stand at the ZOA

We know from our own experience that dancing and partying can be exhausting. That's why we will set up a cozy chill area at our stand, where you can relax with your friends. And once you're rested, we'll be there to meet you in person and to answer all your questions about neon free, neon green, and neon metal. When the chill area is full and you have already received an answer to all your questions, you will have the opportunity to win cool prizes at our stand as well: Besides VIP upgrades for your ZOA ticket, you can win a free neon green or neon metal account for 12 months. Needless to say, we also have other prizes to give away apart from these awesome main prizes. Because with neon, everybody wins! But in order to find out what else we have to offer, you'll have to come and visit us at our stand.

Update 2: Your advantages at the ZOA

We are happy to announce that Mastercard® is one of the main partners of the Zürich Openair 2022. Actually, this makes us more than happy, because your neon card is a Mastercard, which means that you automatically benefit from Mastercard's benefits when you buy your ZOA ticket with your neon card. The exclusive Mastercard benefits include exclusive access to the Mastercard platform in the Tent Stage with a separate bar and toilet (in case it’s urgent) and many more surprises Mastercard has prepared at the ZOA. So, in case you miss out on our ticket draw (which we hope you won't – we're keeping our fingers crossed for you), be sure to order your ZOA ticket with your neon card.

How to get free ZOA 2022 tickets for you and your friends

All you have to do to participate in the draw for free ZOA tickets: Refer neon to your friends between the 9th of June 2022 and the 15th of July 2022. Easy!

Your chance of winning free ZOA tickets increases with every successful referral. So for every person you successfully invite to neon, you will receive 1 additional ZOA ticket. This means that the more friends you invite to neon, the bigger your group to rock up at the festival could be. Just as the saying goes: A fun thing shared is a fun thing doubled (or something along those lines)!

To be precise, we are actually organizing several prize draws at once: All users who successfully refer neon to 1 friend can win 2 ZOA one-day tickets. All users who successfully refer neon to 2 friends can win 3 tickets, and so on. The maximum number of tickets that can be won per referral code is 10 (with 9 referrals). So in total we are giving away 54 tickets (see table below). 

Since fewer neon users will make 9 referrals than 1, your chance of winning increases with each additional referral. So it's not only «the more referrals, the bigger your group», but also: «the more referrals, the bigger the chance that your group will rock Zürich Openair 2022!» It's basically a win-win-win situation. 

Special bonus: Past referrals also count!

Of course we don't want to disadvantage all those loyal neon users who have already referred neon to their friends in the past. That's why we have come up with a bonus: If you have already made several referrals in the past and you make one or more successful referrals between the 9th of June and the 15th of July 2022, your previous referrals also count for the prize draw! Meaning: If you've already made 5 referrals in the past, for example, and add one more by the 15th of July, we'll count that as a total of 6 referrals and you'll be entered into the prize draw for 7 one-day tickets. The maximum amount of previous referrals that will be accredited is 8.

Can I choose for which day I want the tickets?

Yes, you can. But all the tickets you win will be valid for the same day.

Can the friends I invited also participate in the prize draw?

Sure! Once their neon account is opened, your friends can use their own referral code to invite more people. Or they use your code to help you move up faster in the drawing categories as a group (and as a thank you, you can then buy your friends a drink or an ice cream at the festival). Either way: The more friends of yours who open a neon account by the 15th of July, the higher your chances of winning.  

How can I invite my friends to neon?

Inviting your friends to neon is super easy. Click here for a quick guide on how to invite your friends. Please note that a referral for the ZOA prize draw is only considered successful when the new account has been opened completely. In addition, the person who opened a new neon account with your code must have transferred at least 1 CHF to their neon account before the 15th of July 2022. Because what good is a bank account without money in it? Exactly.

The conditions of participation – very simple

All neon users who are at least 18 years old are eligible to participate in the prize draw. Only successful, personal referrals made up to and including the 15th of July 2022 will be considered for the prize draw. The maximum number of tickets that can be won by any one person is 10, even if that person reaches more than 9 successful referrals in the given time period. The winners will be chosen randomly and informed in writing. A cash payment is not possible, but you can give the tickets away. 

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