23. January 2024

Saving money or investing it?

For all you reluctant readers and Netflix junkies: we've got something new for you! Because for our series of how-to-videos, you can simply sit back and let the neon team explain the world of investing to you. Have fun!

In this video, Michèle illustrates how you can make the most of your money. She compares cash, bank accounts and investing money. How easy is it? What about the risk? And above all: is there a return?

Cash and inflation

Watch the video and find out what happens to your savings if you keep them in the form of cash and how inflation affects your savings. Will a hundred francs still be worth 100 francs after 10 years? 

Savings account or bank account and interest

Is your money in a bank account or a savings account? Michèle explains what you should look out for: Fees and interest. Find out whether your 100 CHF will still be worth the same after 10 years. 

Investing money: Application, return and risk

Would you like to invest your money? But don't know exactly where you want to start? Michèle assesses how easy it is to invest and talks about return and risk. Finally, she introduces you to compound interest. Here, too, you can find out what happens to 100 francs – after 10 and after 30 years.

Want more? In this blog article, we look at various money management strategies: From keeping your money in your main account to the riskier but potentially profitable investments in shares and ETFs - understanding the details is key to choosing the right strategy for you. Enjoy the Spider-Man analogies.

Our series continues here: In the second video, Timo shows why it can be worth investing in shares and ETFs.

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