26. March 2019

neon is flipping the bird - our campaign

So it seems we caught your attention, otherwise you wouldn’t be here ? And maybe you want to know why you’re being flipped the bird on billboards, online and on flyers. Well, in this article we’ll tell you, but before we get into the details: it’s not aimed at you. The middle finger is here to express «enough!»

What are we saying «enough!» to?

We’re saying enough to overly expensive banking offers. To banking apps that only work in combination with a second device or a desktop computer. Or that are barely useable, because they just haven’t been developed together with users. To banks that are open when we, too, are working. The list goes on.

As you can see, we’re not giving you or anyone else in particular the finger. We’re giving it to outdated products that don’t fit with our mobile lifestyle. That are just not value for money. We’re giving it to a sleepy Swiss banking environment that – in our opinion – has lost sight of you, the customer.

So why the finger?

It expresses our anger and frustration. But also the powerlessness we feel when faced with the bureaucracy, inflexible opening times and high base fees. But the finger can also be used with a cheeky smile. Just like you might give it to your friends, when they’ve made a stupid joke or poked fun at you. With neon and the finger, you’re no longer powerless. You can now say «enough!» with a little cheeky smile.

Every single one of our visuals relates to one of the shortcomings that we’re changing with neon. Together they showcase what we stand for. 



Accounts from yesterday? There’s not enough innovation in the Swiss banking world, the offers are often outdated. Also, base fees and lack of transparency are a thing of the past, if you ask us. 


Paying to get paid? Because, honestly, just like you, we don’t understand why fees for the most simple bundles need to be this high. And to pay for services you don’t need (advice, branches, etc.) just doesn’t make any sense. Find out more about the philosophy behind our pricing here (German). 


No overview over your expenses? We all want to know where our money is going. With the analysis in the neon app and your own tags, you’re always in control. Surprise fees? No thanks – we’ll show you where you’ll be paying fees.  

Don’t know what you’re paying for? Similar to above – we think, not being transparent about fees is akin to fraud. We’ll even show you the spread on the exchange rate (max. 1.5%). Almost no one else does that. And as of January 2020 we've got rid of that altogether - just like you asked us to.

Account only over the counter? What? You don’t want to take a day off to go to the city and open a basic account? You don’t want to read through 25 pages of a contract then and there? neon does it paperlessly, just in the app, explained plainly and 6 days a week: Monday – Saturday, 7am – 10pm. 


Got more questions? Browse the website, read more of the blog or just give it a shot and open your account now. Click here to download the app.

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