18. January 2023

neon green users have planted 2 million trees

1.5 years after the product launch, users of the sustainable neon green account from the Zurich-based fintech company neon have already planted over 2 million trees by using their neon card. Since May 2022, part of the trees are being planted in neon's own forests in Haiti and Madagascar.

2 million trees planted by neon green users

In March 2022, neon reached the milestone of 1 million planted trees and doubled the number just 9 months later: 7’500 neon green users have now planted 2 million trees. «We are delighted that this makes us one of the Swiss companies with the most tree plantings to date», says Julius Kirscheneder, CMO of the Zurich-based fintech company neon. «The more users make use of their green account in everyday life, the more positive effects we can have on the climate. Over the next few years, the 2 million trees will offset around 600’000 tonnes of CO2, or the equivalent of the annual consumption of more than 42’000 Swiss citizens.

Own neon forests in Haiti and Madagascar

Since the beginning, the trees have been planted in partnership with the non-profit organisation Eden Reforestation Projects. Since May 2022, part of the trees are being planted in neon's own forests in Haiti and Madagascar. The designated areas of the neon forests allow for a maximum capacity of 440’000 tree plantings per year – over the next five years, a total of 2’200’000 trees will be planted. Since the neon green users plant a little more than one million trees per year, the remaining trees will be distributed as before by Eden itself among the various locations in Nepal, Madagascar, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Years of deforestation have led to devastating consequences for the two islands, with 1% of primary forests remaining in Haiti and only 10% remaining in Madagascar. Eden has been doing important reforestation work in both countries for over 10 years: by reforesting mangrove forests along the Mahajanga coast in Madagascar, Eden has reduced the risks of flooding and encouraged the return of a healthy aquatic ecosystem. In Haiti, nurseries are being used to teach agroforestry techniques that protect watersheds and improve food security for the local community.

To ensure the protection of the planted trees, the NGO follows the «Employ to Plant» method: the local population is employed to plant and protect the trees. In this way, Eden creates opportunities for economic self-sufficiency as well as access to improved health and education, in addition to reforestation. Eden Reforestation Projects has planted and restored nearly 1 billion trees to date.

neon green can do more than just plant trees

Planting trees to combat climate change is only one component of the sustainable account. neon green users also benefit from a 3-year extended guarantee, sustainable investment opportunities and a Mastercard made of cherry wood.

About neon

neon offers a simple, user-friendly and secure account solution in the form of an app for all smartphones. Currently, more than 140’000 customers use a neon account. neon is thus the fastest growing Swiss solution for a cost-effective and easy-to-use smartphone account. After a digital registration process in less than ten minutes, neon customers get access to a bank account. The account is held with neon's partner Hypothekarbank Lenzburg and thus offers deposit protection of up to 100’000 CHF per user. Behind neon is an experienced team with Jörg Sandrock, Simon Youssef, Julius Kirscheneder and Patric Ammann. The company employs more than 50 people.

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