21. November 2022

Extended warranty powered by ERV

Repair instead of replace! Together with our partner, Europäische Reiseversicherung ERV, we prepared a special pre-Christmas present for all neon free users: an exclusive warranty extension of 2 years (neon green and neon metal users benefit from a warranty extension by default). In this blog, you will find detailed information about the warranty extension as well as the complete Terms and Conditions.

Different warranties

neon's warranty extension

Covered devices

Damages that are not covered

How to claim your warranty

How to save your receipts

Seller’s or manufacturer’s warranty?

According to Swiss law, consumers have a two-year guarantee on purchased items. This means that sellers must guarantee that their product is free of defects for a period of two years. This two-year warranty period is mandatory by law, meaning sellers cannot shorten it. However, sellers are allowed to exclude a warranty altogether in a mutual agreement. If this is the case, you should take a look at your device’s manufacturer warranty.

Under the manufacturer warranty, the manufacturer (not the seller) guarantees a product that is free of defects. In Switzerland, the manufacturer's warranty is not regulated by law. Manufacturers can therefore determine the extent and also the duration of their warranty themselves. In the event of damage, most manufacturers offer repair or replacement parts.

How does neon’s warranty extension work?

Our warranty extension is an insurance for new electronic devices. It’s valid for devices with a minimum value of 50 CHF that were paid for with a neon free card between 21.11.2022 and 21.12.2022 (neon Q cards excluded). Electronic devices that fulfill the requirements mentioned in the Terms and Conditions are automatically covered by neon’s warranty extension – free of charge, of course. Meaning you don’t have to register your new devices in order to benefit from the warranty extension. 

Our warranty extension comes into effect after the manufacturer's warranty expires, which is typically the case 2 years after you bought your device. It extends the original manufacturer warranty by 2 years and reimburses the cost caused to repair or replace up to a maximum of 6’000 CHF.

Some retailers extend the manufacturer's warranty with their own warranty. And some might give you the option of paying on top to extend their warranty. Make sure to turn down optional retailer warranties when buying an electronic device between 21.11.2022 and 21.12.2022 to avoid paying extra for something you already have.

What devices are covered by neon’s warranty extension?

The warranty extension protects new electronic items that include a manufacturer’s warranty and have a minimum value of 50 CHF. The following items are covered (non-exhaustive list):

  • electrical household appliances, e.g. washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, cooking hobs, ovens, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, irons, toasters, and electric toothbrushes;

  • electronic entertainment equipment, e.g. televisions, DVD players, home cinema systems, hi-fi systems, MP3 players, photo cameras, video cameras, and GPS devices;

  • electrical communication devices, e.g. mobile phones, computers, notebooks, copiers, fax machines, scanners, and game consoles.

NB: Appliances that are permanently connected to the building in a household (e.g. air conditioning or heating systems) are not covered. Neither are devices that are rented or leased.

What damages are not covered by neon’s warranty extension?

There are exceptions to everything in life. And, sure enough, our warranty extension also has some exceptions.

First off, any damage that occurs during the warranty period of the original manufacturer’s warranty is not covered. Also, any damage that would not be covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty is not covered by us either. This includes, for example, damage caused by transport or incorrect installation. And finally, damages occurring due to misuse, fire, water or liquid exposure are not covered either.

For a detailed overview of events and costs that are not covered, have a look at the Terms and Conditions.

How do I claim my warranty?

If one of the devices you bought with your neon free card during the period mentioned above breaks down after the original manufacturer's warranty has expired, you can claim neon’s warranty extension for repair or – if it can’t be repaired – for replacement.

To claim your warranty, fill out this form and explain as detailed as possible what happened. Before filling out the form, make sure you have the following details ready:

  • The receipt (or a copy/picture, see paragraph below) for your device indicating the date of purchase; 

  • A screenshot of the corresponding transaction in your neon app;

  • Your neon IBAN (in your neon app under «Profile»);

  • The original manufacturer’s warranty or a copy of it;

  • Cost estimate incl. contact details of a certified repair point.

NB: Our insurance partner ERV might ask you for further documents or information.

How do I keep my receipts for such a long time?

There are different ways: The old fashioned way would be to keep your physical receipts in a drawer or a folder somewhere at home. However, if you buy something online, it’s a lot easier to save your receipts in your mailbox or on your computer. But if you buy something in a brick and mortar shop that gives you paper receipts, the best way to keep them is by taking a picture and adding it to the corresponding transaction in your neon app (this also works for email receipts).

Here’s how it works: First, take a picture of your receipt – ideally right after your purchase so you don’t forget about it. Once the transaction has been debited in your neon app (this might take a few days), go to «Transactions» in your app and click on the transaction in question. Then, click on «Add a picture» and upload the picture of your receipt. Done.

Two or more years down the road, you can search your transaction in the app and simply take a screenshot of the picture to add to the form (see above). Adding pictures to your transactions is especially helpful if you get a new phone (which you hopefully paid for with your neon card) and you don’t sync your pictures in the cloud. 

Note regarding the upload feature for Samsung users: If you can't upload pictures with your Samsung phone, the problem is the HEIF format of your pictures. A temporary solution is to change your photo settings and try again. In the meantime, we are working on a better solution.

Disclaimer: Please note that this blog is summarizing parts of the legally binding Terms and Conditions.

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