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When you sign up to neon metal or switch over to it, you’ll receive mobile phone insurance, a three-year warranty extension for your electronic devices, a best-price guarantee and ticket insurance – all without needing to spend anything on your card.

Your mobile phone insurance covers you against all possible kinds of damage. Whether your mobile phone falls into the sea on holiday, accidentally breaks into a thousand pieces while skiing, or is stolen at the Gurten festival by an unpleasant fellow raver – we’ve got you covered. Regardless of the value, age or type of device of your mobile phone.

Please note: neon has no authority to make decisions in the event of insurance claims. This is the sole responsibility of the insurance partners. Therefore, please contact the respective partner directly in case of insurance claims.

The mobile phone insurance only applies to your own mobile phone, whose phone number is registered to your neon account. And it must be activated with neon. You can make one claim a year, with a deductible per claim (85 CHF for damage and 150 CHF for theft). The insurance cover starts 30 days after you’ve received your neon metal card.

Simple: just complete our online claim form here.

There’s a three-year warranty extension for any electronic products you buy with your metal card. In other words, on the basis of your normal warranty of two years, your electrical and electronic devices have a total of five years of cover – thanks to neon metal.

The three-year warranty extension applies to grey, white and brown goods – never heard these terms before? Well, they refer to all the electronic devices you can no longer live without: your smartphone, your games consoles («grey goods»), your television («brown goods»), your washing machine and toaster («white goods») and much more. Your electronic goods need to be worth at least 50 CHF and the maximum benefit (i.e. the prices of all your grey, white and brown goods added together) is capped at 6'000 CHF per year. There are a few exceptions; for example, if you bought the products second-hand or if your device does not have a serial number (more details available here).

If your device breaks, you can claim your extended warranty via our partner's online portal. Keep the following documents ready to upload them on the portal: A copy of the sales receipt, the manufacturer’s warranty including the indication of the original warranty period, and – if applicable – a cost estimate including contact details of the certified repair centre.

This insurance policy ensures that you get the best price, both online and in-store. Let’s say you’ve treated yourself to the latest iPhone, and you couldn’t be happier about it – but within 14 days, you see that another seller is offering it for 100 CHF less. No problem: the best price guarantee will give you back the difference in price!

To benefit from the best-price guarantee, the product needs to be worth at least 50 CHF and must be from a Swiss supplier (such as a shop, mail-order company or internet provider). The price difference between what you paid for your brand-new iPhone and the one you saw a week later needs to be at least 30 CHF.

It couldn’t be easier: complete this claim form, then send it to schaden_at_erv.ch. Send the following documents along with the claim form: the purchase receipt, a transaction receipt (in other words, a screenshot of your neon app) and evidence of the cheaper price (listing the lower price and the date of sale/issue).

This insurance refunds you for tickets you’ve bought if you can’t make the event due to illness, injury, damage at home, cancellation of public transport due to a technical fault, an accident, or the breakdown of a personal vehicle. The ticket insurance covers concert tickets, entry fees for race events and other events where you paid for at least 80% of the ticket with your metal card.

This is a breeze, too: report it by filling out this online form. And don’t forget to attach these documents: the booking confirmation/invoice for the ticket, a medical certificate (or other official proof) and a transaction receipt for the ticket you bought (i.e. a screenshot of your neon app).

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