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neon green is yours for 5 CHF a month. The same unbeatable conditions for neon free also apply to neon green: card payments are free – even when you’re abroad. No exchange-rate spreads. And you also get two free cash withdrawals in Switzerland a month. Click here to see a detailed overview of the prices.

All the great features available with neon free are also included with neon green: a Swiss account with one Mastercard for everything, ultra-affordable and transparent prices – everything is digital, simple and secure in one app. neon green also provides a simple way to offset your consumption because, for every 100 CHF you spend on your card, we plant a tree for you. You’ll also get a three-year warranty extension on your electrical and electronic products and, thanks to our partner myclimate, your account is climate-neutral from day one. Click here to see a comparison between neon free and neon green.

Of course! If one of your friends opens a neon green account too, they will not only get to enjoy a great product (we hope!), but we’ll also give both of you 10 CHF. Open up the app and click on «Profile» at the bottom of the menu. And just follow the instructions under «Invite a friend».

Simply offsetting CO2 emissions by planting trees is the first step. In future, we want to discuss features that could enable us to provide a more detailed system for offsetting your consumption. This might include making our compensation scheme smarter. After all, spending 100 CHF at a petrol station generates more of a carbon footprint than spending 100 CHF in a health-food shop – so we could offer you additional compensation for your expenditure at the petrol station.

Well, green is our co-founder Julius’ favourite colour. Joking aside, green represents sustainability. And we think there’s nowhere near enough of it in our industry. We want to change that. That’s why, with your neon green account, we’re offering you a simple way to offset CO2 through planting trees. For every 100 CHF you spend on your neon green card, we’ll plant a tree for you. So you can easily plant trees on the go, while we offset some of the impact that your spending has on the climate.

Alongside the many brilliant features that are also available with neon free, the app also includes a special neon green section. In it, you can see how many trees you’ve already planted by using your card, which planting level you’re on and how many trees the entire neon green community has already planted. We’ll also show you how much CO2 the entire community has already neutralised by planting trees.

For every 100 CHF you spend on your neon green card, we plant a tree for you. This includes all transactions you’ve made with your card, whether electronically or physically – from the organic carrots you bought from your local grocery shop to the business flight to Thailand that you paid for online. This does not include, for example, ATM withdrawals or bill payments.
Your tree planting level is based on the number of trees you plant by using your card. The more trees you plant, the higher the level you reach. You start at the «Deciduous forest» level – once you plant 25 deciduous trees, you’ll reach the «Coniferous forest» level. A few more coniferous trees will take you to the «Rainforest» level. And somewhere down the line, you’ll come across some wonderful cherry blossoms, and you’ll be able to plant prickly cacti and fragrant citrus trees – and much more – in the app’s soil.
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