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According to researchers at ETH Zurich, nothing is more effective at combating climate change than reforestation. Planting trees has the potential to absorb two-thirds of the harmful CO2 emissions caused by humans to date. With our renowned partner Eden Reforestation Projects, we want to do our bit to help stabilise the climate by planting trees.

We calculate this figure using a conversion factor of 300 kg of neutralised CO2 per tree. This calculation is based on the total amount of CO2 neutralised by an average mangrove tree during an average life span of 25 years. Why mangroves? The mangrove absorbs a particularly large amount of CO2, making it one of the tree species preferred by our tree planting partner Eden Reforestation Projects.

We plant five bonus trees for you per month – that’s 60 trees per year. Why? If one tree removes around 300 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere over an average life span of 25 years, we need to plant 47 trees in order to offset Switzerland’s annual CO2 emissions, or 14 tonnes per person. So you’re already making a difference to the climate from the start.

No, we’re busy working on the cheapest and most sustainable account app in Switzerland. We’d rather leave the tree-planting to the professionals, which is why we work with Eden Reforestation Projects. This NGO plants the trees in countries such as Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya and Nepal.
By restoring and planting trees, Eden Reforestation Projects is contributing to the fight against climate change, while also providing sustainable, durable support to people in various regions. So, it’s not just about restoring forests, it’s also about supporting the local population and economy. Local people are employed to plant and look after the trees. In short, we work with our tree-planting partner to make sure it’s as easy and effective as possible for you to do your bit for climate protection.

We plant some of the trees in our own neon forests. One forest is called «Ankarafantsika 3» and is located in the northwestern Mahajanga region in Madagascar. Our other designated planting site called «Tudor Creek», is found in Mombasa county in the southeastern part of Kenya. Starting 2022 Eden will plant a total of 2’200’000 trees in the neon forests over the next five years – a maximum of 440’000 trees per year. 

For those who have now done the exact (and correct!) maths: Our neon green community plants a lot more than 440'000 trees per year. Therefore, Eden Reforestation Projects divides the remaining trees among its various locations in Nepal, Madagascar, Mozambique, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Honduras, and Brazil and plants them where they are needed most. Read more about it here.

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