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Where are the trees planted?

We plant some of the trees in our own neon forests. One forest is called «Ankarafantsika 3» and is located in the northwestern Mahajanga region in Madagascar. Our other designated planting site called «Tudor Creek», is found in Mombasa county in the southeastern part of Kenya. Starting 2022 Eden will plant a total of 2’200’000 trees in the neon forests over the next five years – a maximum of 440’000 trees per year. 

For those who have now done the exact (and correct!) maths: Our neon green community plants a lot more than 440'000 trees per year. Therefore, Eden Reforestation Projects divides the remaining trees among its various locations in Nepal, Madagascar, Mozambique, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Honduras, and Brazil and plants them where they are needed most. Read more about it here.

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