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Yes, the joint account was one of the most requested features from our community. With neon duo, you can easily manage your finances as fully authorized and equal partners – 100% in your neon app. To the joint account

A joint account is an account to which several people have access. neon duo is for exactly two people. It helps you quickly manage the finances in your household and allows you to easily pay shared expenses such as rent, household costs, electricity bill, or your household insurance. 

You both live in the same household, i.e. at the same address, and both have your own private neon account (free, metal or green).

Make sure you have the latest app version and open the neon app. 

Option 1: Tap on «Home», then on «Total» in the top right-hand corner and select the tile «New: Joint account». If you no longer see the tile because you have probably closed it, try the second option: 

Option 2: Go to «Profile», select «Accounts» and then choose «New: Joint account»

There you confirm your details and can then invite your partner with whom you would like to share a joint account. Please note that we are currently in the public beta phase and there is a waiting list. More about the joint account.

New to neon? To open a joint account, you and your partner or roommate each need a private neon account (free, metal, or green). More about the requirements for the joint account.

No, at the moment you can only open 1 joint account. That's already a good start. Choose wisely. 

Your joint account has its own IBAN. If you want to deposit money, you have two options: 

1. Tap on «Home», select «Add money» and then «Add money from personal account». 

2. Tap on «Payments», select «New payment» and then «Account transfer». 

Your personal account (free, metal, or green) will remain the same. The joint account is an additional account with its own IBAN and two separate cards. 

No, that's not necessary. You can log in with your existing login and switch between your private and joint account within the neon app with a single swipe. Simply change the toggle switch at the top left on the «Home» tab from personal account (icon with one person, left) to joint account (icon with two people, right).

The joint account costs 3 CHF per person per month. The fees are debited from your private accounts (free, metal, or green) at the beginning of each month – so you always pay in advance for the month in question. The cards cost a one-off fee of 10 CHF each. 

At neon, we always keep the costs as low as possible for you. As a result, we influence the market. Of course, from account openings to tax statements, every account incurs costs. Joint accounts are somewhat more complex as they have more components (e.g., additional IBAN and cards). This means that our workload is significantly higher. 

And the further development of our offering also costs time and money. To cover these expenses (and also to earn a little money), we have set a competitive, transparent, and – in our opinion – very fair price for the joint account.

Our joint account is a so-called «OR account». This means that you are both equal and full account holders and that you both have full power of disposal over the money in the joint account. 

Example: Tom pays the rent quickly and unbureaucratically. This is because he does not need the consent or approval of his flatmate Jerry to make the payment. 

With neon duo, there is no need for an approval process as it would be the case with a so-called «AND account» where Tom AND Jerry both have to approve payments. 

Do you submit two separate tax returns? If so, you both have to pay taxes on half of the assets in your joint account as of 31 December. 

No, the neon green and neon metal benefits only apply to private accounts. 

No, it is best to use your private neonQ cards for your purchases at QoQa.

You are always both responsible for your joint account. This means that we can request payments related to your joint account from either one or both of you.

Of course, you can easily close your joint account again (although this would make us a bit  sad).

At the moment, it's enough to bring the balance to zero, e.g. by transferring it to your private accounts. After that, one of you can simply send us an email to service_at_neon-free.ch and we'll close the account for you.

Sometimes relationships end and there is a dispute about how much money each person is entitled to. If you or another party acting on your behalf (e.g. a solicitor) tells us that there is a dispute between you and the other account holder, we will freeze the joint account and not allow any further outgoing payments, including recurring payments.

However, incoming payments can still be received. The joint account can be reactivated or closed as soon as we have a joint written permission from the account holders. 

As soon as we are informed, the joint account is usually blocked for both partners until the estate has been settled. 

It is possible that certain payments can still be made; this is possible after consultation with us and the partner bank Hypothekarbank Lenzburg. Please send us an email

Yes, the credit balance in the joint account is protected up to 100’000 CHF. The joint account is considered a separate account. 

Your credit balance on your private account (free, metal, or green) including Spaces up to 100’000 CHF is also covered by deposit protection. 

Yes, transfers between your neon accounts work in seconds as usual.

Yes, you can also select your joint account in the eBill portal to pay your shared invoices.

To see your joint deposits and expenses, tap on the «Statistics» icon (bar chart) on the top right of your «Home» tab and select the joint account.

No. It is currently not possible to open joint Spaces. 

However, you can set up a Space named «Household», for example, in your private account with the excess joint balance to earn interest and move the money back to your joint account in seconds once you need it again.

Please note that the money transferred to the Spaces counts as part of your private account and therefore legally no longer belongs to both of you, but to you alone.

No. You only receive interest on the balance in your own Spaces (personal accounts). 

No, but you can use neon invest with your personal accounts to invest in shares and ETFs. 

Yes, you will both receive an additional card for your joint account. The costs of 10 CHF each for the first card as well as the monthly fees will be charged to your personal accounts.

You can find the card details for the joint account in the same place as the details for your private account. Tap on «Home», then on «Card». Next, select the card for the joint account and tap on «Show card PIN», for example.

First of all: Block your card in the app under «Profile», «Your card» and «Freeze card». You can then order a replacement card for 20 CHF.

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