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Yes, the tax statement for the tax return (main account and Spaces) will be available in the app from the end of January (free PDF).

For invest users, we will make the tax statement (main account, Spaces and invest) available in eTax format from the end of February.

Whether digital or printed, you can submit your documents easily and conveniently with our tax certificates.

The tax statement will be available in the app every year from from the end of January. You will find it under «Profile», then «Account statements» and «Tax statement». NB: The amount on the tax statement may differ slightly from the amount you saw on your account at the end of December if some transactions have not yet been posted.

There are no custody fees with us, which is advantageous if you want to hold the shares and ETFs for longer. For all ETFs and Swiss shares, you pay 0.5% of the purchase or sale price per transaction, for international shares the fee is 1.0% – there are no additional fees for currency exchange. In addition, each purchase/sale is subject to the mandatory Swiss stamp duty – for Swiss shares and ETFs you pay 0.075% stamp duty and 0.150% for foreign securities.

We offer you a large selection of the most traded shares in Switzerland and the world as well as the most important ETFs. You can find a list here.

We regularly add new shares and ETFs to neon Invest. In doing so, we take into account the wishes of our users. You can use this form to let us know which assets you would like to trade via neon.

Your shares and ETFs are traded on the BX Swiss exchange, formerly the Bern stock exchange.

You can buy and sell shares and ETFs from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:30. Here you can see on which holidays the exchange is closed.

With 24/7 Investing you can also order a buy/sell outside the exchange opening hours. Let's say you want to sell your Tesla stock at midnight on a Tuesday, but the stock market is closed. Enter a pending order in the app to sell your Tesla stock on Wednesday morning when the exchange opens at 9:00 am. Please note: The displayed price of the share may differ from the actual (sale) price at the opening of the stock exchange.

Yes, because your investments belong to the so-called special assets, which are not part of the bank's bankruptcy estate. To put it more simply: your investments always belong to you.

Regardless of whether you invest on a large scale or only invest 10 CHF per month – we do not set any limits, neither for the minimum nor the maximum amount.

At the moment, we support so-called market orders. This means that the purchases/sales are executed immediately at the best current price. 

In the future, we would also like to enable you to place limit orders. With a limit order, you set a minimum or maximum price – as soon as your share reaches the minimum or maximum price you set, it is automatically bought or sold.

For legal reasons, you must be at least 18 years old to invest in the neon app.

Our prices in the app are as fresh as the croissants at the bakery in the morning. Every time you see a price in the app, it is requested directly from BX Swiss in the background. 

When the stock exchange is closed, the last price is displayed – i.e., the price at the close of the exchange. If you look at the detailed price history of a share or an ETF, the periods without prices (i.e., everything outside the trading hours of BX Swiss) are skipped.

The price of a security depends on numerous factors including the currency, the trading centre, the time of searching, or the spread. In addition, it also plays a role whether you look at the buy or the sell price (ask/bid). Therefore, you will not necessarily see the same prices on neon invest as on Google or on other providers' platforms.

The short answer: To make it easier for you and to avoid having to convert currencies, we can trade directly in CHF with BX Swiss.

The longer answer: Our exchange BX Swiss offers a very advantageous spread as well as a good buy/sell price, which already includes the currency conversion. This means for you: Double win - you get a good buy/sell price and you have no additional costs for the currency exchange later on.

Cash dividends, par value repayments, etc. will be credited directly to your neon account by our partner bank. If a foreign security (e.g. US stock in USD) results in a distribution such as a dividend, our partner bank will convert it into Swiss francs and credit the Swiss franc amount to your neon main account. The exchange rate is updated by our partner bank at least twice a day and includes an interbank rate margin of about 1.5%.

For your information: The amount is always paid out after deduction of the corresponding withholding tax / source tax. This depends on the domicile of the security. As an example: If it is a Swiss share, then 35% withholding tax will be deducted from the gross amount. You will see this amount at the end of the year in the tax statement in the app and can then claim it back on your tax return.

If it is a foreign share, then the source tax applies here. The amount differs from country to country. It is possible that you can offset this tax in full or in part on your tax return.

The difference between the price you pay when buying and the price you receive when selling a financial instrument is called spread. Spreads exist on all exchanges and are usually higher for less popular stocks and ETFs that are owned and traded by fewer people. Investors are generally interested in selling shares or ETFs at a high price or buying it at a low price. This means that there is a natural gap between the buying and the selling price. To make the trade happen, you need to bridge this gap and you «pay» the spread compared to the theoretical price in the middle.

A spread is the difference between the bid and the ask price of a security. This difference can be influenced by factors such as liquidity, trading volume, or volatility of the security. Depending on the liquidity of a security, the spread may also include a risk premium. This is the case, for example, with US securities in the morning, as the US stock exchanges do not open until the afternoon of our time and thus liquidity is accordingly lower.

To see the spread of a security, you can search for the name or ISIN of the security on the BX Swiss homepage using the red search bar at the top of the page.

In Switzerland, the Federal Tax Administration levies the so-called stamp duty when buying or selling a share, an ETF, and other securities. The bank or broker – in our case Hypothekarbank Lenzburg – deducts this tax and passes it on to the Federal Tax Administration (FTA). On Swiss securities your share of the stamp duty is 0.075%, on foreign securities it's 0.150%.

Depending on the domicile of the security, taxes on income (especially dividends) may be payable. In Switzerland it is called withholding tax and amounts to 35%. Abroad it is called source tax and the amount varies from country to country. The income is always credited to you after the deduction of this tax. You can see the deducted tax on your receipt (go to Profile > Account statements > Trade documents) and at the end of the year also on your tax return (also in the app).

It is possible that you can have all or part of this tax credited back to you via your tax return.

At the moment we do not yet offer a custody account transfer from another bank or another broker to neon. However, we have just finished the product for the launch with a defined scope of functionality. Of course, we will now continuously expand the product, and will also look into the topic of custody account transfers.

Yes, this is possible for a fee of 100 CHF per position. For example, if you have 30 Tesla shares and 17 Apple shares in your neon portfolio, transferring your securities from neon to another bank or another broker will cost you CHF 200.

At the moment, we do not offer registration in the shareholder register. Therefore, it is also not possible to participate in a general meeting of a company, and no material/natural dividends (shareholder gifts) can be received. Our offer is currently focused on an investment, and not on further services / activities for you as a shareholder. Thus, also your voting rights are not exercised. 

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