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When you open an account with neon, we will automatically send you your neon Mastercard. The card costs 10 CHF. It should be with you about one or two weeks after you've opened your account. Lost your card? Block your card yourself in the app by clicking on «Profile», then «Your card» and «Freeze card». Or by calling this card emergency number +41 (0) 43 508 03 19.

You can now see your new card PIN in the neon app, in «Profile», «Your card» and «Show card PIN». You can change your PIN at any Swiss ATM.

Mastercard, the new card processor for the neon card, works internationally for numerous banks and millions of users. Internationally, almost all countries use no more than 4 digits for the PIN. Switzerland is an exception. Our new card processor is a subsidiary of Mastercard and works internationally for many major banks.

Therefore, the configuration of our card processor is also set to 4 digits. Since 4 digits are the international standard, we unfortunately cannot offer more than 4 digits.

We fulfil 100% of Mastercard's security requirements. Security is also guaranteed with a simpler 4-digit PIN and ultimately any potential damage is covered by Mastercard. In practice, the advantages of the internationally standardised PIN outweigh the theoretically higher security of a PIN with a higher number of digits. Further information on security:

Experience shows that 6-digit PINs hardly offer higher security, as simpler combinations are usually chosen.

The proportion of credit cards that are physically stolen and used with a PIN is extremely low. Fraud on online sites or by stealing account and card data is proportionally much more frequent.

For increased security, you can temporarily block the card yourself at any time in the app (under «Profile» and «Your card») and unblock it again for a payment.

Wherever they take Mastercard. That means at all ATMs and many shops and restaurants worldwide - and as of January 2020 without exchange rate spread.

There are very few merchants that can not yet accept our prepaid credit card. These are isolated cases.

Did your neon-Mastercard unexpectedly not work but another one of your cards did? Please tell us - if you got a confirmation slip and attach it, that's even better. That way, we can figure out what went wrong.

No recurring fees and blocking it is free, too. The card costs 10 CHF. A replacement card costs 20 CHF. For all our prices, check out our detailed list.

The current daily transaction limit is 50'000 CHF. With your card, you can withdraw up to 2'000 CHF cash per day, spend 5'000 CHF online and another 5'000 CHF in stores every day but your monthly max limit is 10'000 CHF. If you exceptionally need more, write us and we'll have a look at it.

Activate your card in the app by clicking on «Profile» and «Activate card».

When you confirm a payment with the card, the merchant creates a «reservation» for it on the card. This reservation is visible in the app with a small clock. As soon as the merchant wants to debit the amount (usually within 2-3 days), this is then displayed in the app as a booked payment. According to Mastercard rules, a merchant has between 7 and 31 days to effectively debit a reservation to the account.

At the moment, we're experiencing some delays in the synchronisation between your card and the app. Payments by card will show up only a few minutes later in the app, so, your app balance is up to date. But if you transfer money to your account, it is usually avaible to you within a few hours (on working days). We're working on making this faster, with real-time display of course being the final goal.

For a few types of transactions, you may not receive the push notification and only see the transaction later (up to two days) in the app, once it is actually booked on your card. Therefore, your card balance (which is always up to date) could be lower than what you see in the app. This is a temporary issue that should be resolved soon, it is due to the current finalisation of implementing a new card processor.

Our card have a new range of numbers that isn't recognized yet by all apps. As a default, they show USD, but don't worry - the currency of your card is indeed CHF. If you find this somewhere, please let us know so we can follow up.

First, you should immediately block your card: either in the app by clicking on «Profile», then «Your card» and «Freeze card». Or by calling our 24-hour card emergency number (+41 (0)43 508 03 19). Then send us an email, so we can take a look at the incident together and discuss the next steps. Please note that we can’t accept requests to block cards by email. 

All credit card transactions are processed via Mastercard and forwarded to our partner bank Hypothekarbank Lenzburg for settlement. After the amount has been posted in your neon account, as the card owner you have the option of contacting us to object to a transaction within 30 days. In this case, write to us and we’ll let you know what the next steps are.

The neon Mastercard® is available for Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Garmin Pay, and SwatchPAY!. To find out how to connect neon to the various mobile payment providers, click here.

Two Mastercards are not possible currently. But we know you'd really love that option, so we're working on figuring out a way to make it happen. We'll let you know as soon as anything changes.

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