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Spaces are your way to subdivide the money in your neon account. So you don't have to have all your money in one place anymore, but you can easily move parts of it into your Spaces.

Click on «Spaces» to get to your Spaces overview. In order to use the feature, we'll set it up for you first. This should take about a minute. Once this is done, you can create your first Space. Just click on «Add Spaces». You can choose from ten icons that best fit the purpose of your Space and give it its own name. And just like that, your first Space is created! Up to 10 different Spaces are possible.

Important: You can only move money between your main account and a Space. The amount you want to move to your Space must therefore first be available on your main account.

Open your Space and click on «Add money». Enter the desired amount and confirm. The money will now be deducted from your main account and added to your Space. The other way around is just as easy: Click on «Withdraw» to move money from your Space back to your main account. In your main account, a transfer will appear as a normal transaction, just like you know it from your other payments with neon. An overview of the movements per Space can be found in each Space.

No. You can only move between the main account and Space. However, we are looking into whether we can offer you this option in the long term.

Yes, of course! To do this, start a transfer to your Space as usual and select «Make it recurring». 

50'000 CHF per day. But be careful: Transfers to and from Spaces are considered normal payments. You can therefore transfer e.g. 25'000 CHF to a Space and then 25'000 CHF back again, but then you cannot trigger any further payments on the same day (nor pay any further bills), because you can only trigger a total of 50'000 CHF per day in payments on your account. On the next day, 50'000 CHF are possible again.

If you make a transfer on the weekend or in the evening, it will be executed immediately, but it will not be posted until the next business day. Therefore, the date of the transaction displayed in the app may be in the future.

At the moment you can't change names and images for existing Spaces. But we are checking how we can offer this functionality in the future.

Normal transactions - like paying for your lunch with the neon card or paying your electricity bill - are always deducted from your main account. Therefore, make sure that you have enough money on your main account, especially if you have set up recurring payments, LSV, eBill or future payments. Money that is on your Spaces is segregated so you don't spend it by mistake.

No. The money from card payments is always deducted from your main account. So if you have saved money for your vacations in your Space, you have to move it to the main account first. Only then you can spend it.

No. The same goes for money that is transferred to your neon account: Everything always ends up in your main account first. From there you can move it to your individual Spaces.

No, there isn't.

Yes. You will receive it each January for your neon account, including the funds that are in your Spaces.

Yes. You can use your neon account without Spaces and just leave all your neon money in your main account.

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