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What is the standard procedure in the event of card fraud?

To minimise the damage as much as possible, we ask you to block your card immediately in the app under «Profile», «Your card & PIN» if you suspect fraud. If you are unable to access the app, you can also block your card 24/7 by calling +41 (0)43 508 03 19. Once the card has been blocked, no further transactions can be made.

The best way to do this is to contact us directly by email at service_at_neon-free.ch and describe your case as precisely as possible so that we can take the next steps straight away.

Please answer the following questions in your email so that we can understand your case properly from the outset:

  • Do you not know this merchant at all and think it is a fraudulent transaction?

  • Do you know the merchant but disagree with the charge (e.g. subsequent charge, unexpected amount, etc.)?

  • Are you currently abroad or do you need to use your physical card for other reasons (e.g. to withdraw cash from an ATM)?

If you consider it to be fraud, we will have to permanently block and replace the card. Please confirm your current address and that we can permanently block and replace the card. You will then be able to see the new card details in the neon app 1 day later and use them virtually (e.g. online or with Google/Apple/Samsung/Garmin/Swatch Pay). Only after the card has been replaced can we take further steps depending on your situation.

Is your case a case of card fraud or a complaint  i.e. a charge that you do not agree with? Find out more here.

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