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Do I receive dividends?

Cash dividends, par value repayments, etc. will be credited directly to your neon account by our partner bank. If a foreign security (e.g. US stock in USD) results in a distribution such as a dividend, our partner bank will convert it into Swiss francs and credit the Swiss franc amount to your neon main account. The exchange rate is updated by our partner bank at least twice a day and includes an interbank rate margin of about 1.5%.

For your information: The amount is always paid out after deduction of the corresponding withholding tax / source tax. This depends on the domicile of the security. As an example: If it is a Swiss share, then 35% withholding tax will be deducted from the gross amount. You will see this amount at the end of the year in the tax statement in the app and can then claim it back on your tax return.

If it is a foreign share, then the source tax applies here. The amount differs from country to country. It is possible that you can offset this tax in full or in part on your tax return.

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