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How do all the different codes work?

  • Login code: the login code is a 6-digit code that you can set yourself when opening an account. You need him to log into your app.

  • Contract number: your contract number is the same as your account number. It will be sent to you by mail 1-2 working days after the account opening. The number has 6 digits and you need it to log in to your app (now you can also do this with your email address). Did you know? The contract number is also part of your IBAN: it follows directly on the 7000.

  • Activation code: you don't usually need that. However, if you want to change your phone. install the neon app on an additional device or if you uninstalled the app, you will need to re-enable this device for payments for security reasons. You can order a new activation code directly in the app under «Profile», «Security» and «Generate activation code». We'll mail it to you. For security reasons, the code is only valid once and for a maximum of 30 days.

  • Transaction PIN: the transaction PIN is the second authentication factor next to your login code. You need it to make transfactions from the app. You can define the 4-digit PIN yourself after activating the device.

  • Card PIN: as the name implies, the card PIN belongs to your neon Mastercard. 

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