18. November 2022

neon Q – what's that?

QoQa and neon go way back. All the way to 2019 and always with great success. Over time, we realised that we share similar goals. This motivated us to work on something bigger for the QoQa community. QoQa always has great offers on their platform, and this year neon is again part of it – with neon Q free, neon Q green and neon Q metal. Read on to find out why we are working together, what neon Q is and how you can benefit.

Why neon Q?

What is neon Q?

Who can use neon Q?

Why neon Q?

It all started with a first deal on QoQa in 2019. We soon realised that neon and QoQa are a great fit: Good prices and a fair value for money is something that is very important to both. None of us like hidden fees or fine print with a catch. We both are digital, we both value our user base, and we both take care of them and listen to them by valuing and incorporating their honest feedback. neon Q was born out of this shared vision. We are very happy about this collaboration, because we know very well that QoQa only sells products of which they themselves are 100% convinced.

What is neon Q?

neon Q is a very special offer from neon and QoQa. With the neon Q card you get a warranty extension on all purchases made on QoQa for which QoQa offers a warranty – initially only meant for purchases in 2021, we soon extended the warranty extension to purchases made in 2022 and 2023. This means that your products are now insured for 3 years. With the warranty extension, we want to make sustainability a bit easier. The idea is to try and repair something first. Only if something can’t be repaired it should be replaced. In addition to the warranty extension, you will also benefit from other advantages such as exclusive SushiTrains, the chance to win hotel upgrades, and special partner offers from neon.

Conditions for the warranty extension

To benefit from the warranty extension, you first have to connect your QoQa account with your neon account. To do this, open your neon app, go to «Profile» and click on «Your Qockpit». Then simply enter the email address you use for your QoQa account on the screen popping up. Once this is done, go ahead and pay for your purchases on QoQa with your neon Q Mastercard. For every product you buy in 2023 that is covered by a QoQa warranty, you will benefit from 1 additional year of warranty!

Who can get a neon Q card?

New neon customers who benefit from the neon Q offer on the QoQa platform between 10.05.2023 and 14.05.2023. You came to neon via a previous neon offer on QoQa? Send us an email and we'll look into your case individually.

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