13. October 2020

neon and MoneyPark - find your best mortgage

At neon we focus on one thing: to offer you a good everyday account. But not everything that has to do with money is everyday. And you have asked us again and again if we could offer you other things. For such things we rely on our partners. For the lucky ones who are currently looking for a longer-term home, we have good news: In autumn 2020 we are launching a pilot partnership with MoneyPark, pioneers in mortgages.

Note: our partnership with MoneyPark is a paid cooperation.

About the partnership

About MoneyPark

About the MoneyPark products

About the special offer

About the partnership: What are our plans with MoneyPark?

MoneyPark shares many of our values and fits into our idea of an ecosystem - everyone is specialised in their own business and can therefore offer you a really good product at really good prices. Prices that are clearly understandable. Because you should know what you are paying for. At MoneyPark this is a fixed price for open, honest advice: provider, duration and type of product have no influence on the remuneration of your advisor. This means that they can find the best offer for you without any conflicts of interest. We like it.

But we would also like to know whether you like it, too, because it is important to us that we develop in line with your wishes. That's why we're starting with a pilot partnership that we can analyse together with your feedback.

About MoneyPark: independent, personal, transparent

Just like us, MoneyPark is trying to save you time and money so that you can focus on the good things in life. Founded several years ago as a FinTech start-up like us, they are now the leading independent mortgage specialist in Switzerland and have more than 100 partners for mortgage and pension solutions. From these, they will find exactly what suits you best. No matter whether you are looking for initial or follow-up financing. And because there is a little more money involved, they do this in a personal meeting. They put themselves in your shoes and guide you through the process step by step. This openness and independence pays off, because it saves you money - on average 2'500 CHF per year compared to the house bank.

About the MoneyPark products

MoneyPark is specialised in mortgages and real estate - so they can help you on your way to your own house or flat. Anything in mind yet? Then check the options for a mortgage with them. Are you looking around, but haven't found your dream property yet? Then they can help you here and search the market for a suitable new home for you.

About the special offer: And what is the deal for me as a neon customer?

You get a 50% discount on the consultation. The very first appointment is always free. After that, the consultation for initial financing usually costs 980 CHF, but for you it's only 490 CHF. For follow-up financing (normally 490 CHF) you only pay 245 CHF. This offer is only valid if you book your appointment with this link.

We’ll also earn a bit of money from this deal, as we do with all our partners.

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