31. August 2021

neon and Inyova – for sustainable investments

neon always wants to make sure you have the best possible product. There is a huge demand for different features and we’re not able to meet every need ourselves. That’s why we work with partners. These partners need to align with our philosophy, and (above all else) they also need to benefit you by meeting these very needs. For this to work, our partners have to be affordable, digital and always on the hunt for world-changing products. In this blog, we’ll be introducing you to our hand-picked partners – who knows, you might even find something that’s up your street. 

Note: our partnership with Inyova is a paid cooperation.

Done your good deed for the day? Something to think about. Luckily, there are all kinds of ways that you can do good. Eating less meat, buying clothing that’s been produced under fair conditions or even feeding your neighbour’s cat when they’re away. But what if you don’t want to give up your steaks? What if you’re allergic to cat hair? And what if you’re simply looking for other ways to change the world? Well, we’ve got a suggestion for you: Inyova!

Who’s Inyova? (formerly Yova)

Inyova is a Zurich-based fintech start-up that specialises in impact investing. As the name suggests, impact investing is all about ensuring that your investments have an impact. In other words, the focus is not just about your own profits but also about what the money achieves. A company that generates solar energy is a classic example of this. When investors with a keen interest in renewable energy invest in this company, it creates a win-win-win situation: the investors generate returns, the company gets capital and the solar energy puts a smile on mother nature’s face. Sounds good, right?

And speaking of ‘good’, this brings us right back to Inyova. Thanks to Inyova, you can invest in exactly the areas that interest you, the ones where you want to have an impact. It works like this: to start with, you select your preferred areas. You also have the option of selecting individual companies that align with these areas. Next, you set out your risk profile and decide how much you want to invest. And then Inyova does all the work for you. Inyova distributes your investment to optimise the risk as much as possible and puts your strategy into practice, ensuring that the risk is managed on an ongoing basis. The money still belongs to you, and you alone. Plus, the bank that handles transactions for Inyova, Saxo Bank, is regulated by FINMA. In other words, your Inyova account is covered by Swiss protection. You can draw on the money at any time, if you need it, and you won’t pay a penny more to do so.

Transparency is the name of the game at Inyova: there’s one single fee and zero hidden costs. This fee amounts to around 0.6% to 1.2% of the sum you invest, depending on how much you put in. In short, you don’t need to be a millionaire to invest with Inyova – you can start putting together a nest egg from just 2'000 CHF!

But why are we telling you this?

Are you even still on the neon website? Yes, you are. We’re telling you this because neon and Inyova have teamed up to put together a great deal for you. And here it is: if you are new to Inyova and open a Inyova account, enter the code «neon24» during the registration, and transfer at least 2'000 CHF from your neon account, Inyova will give you 50 CHF across the next 10 months (5 CHF per month). And if you transfer more than 5'000 CHF to your new Inyova account by 19 July 2024, you will receive a welcome gift to your new Inyova account of 1% of the transferred amount instead. So, once again, we’ll say: sounds good, right?

Inyova isn’t designed for you to make a quick buck through risky investments. It’s recommended that you stick with it for at least 5 years so your investment can become profitable. We believe that good things take time. We can’t save the world overnight, so it makes sense to take a long-term approach when it comes to investing in companies that do good, too. 

Curious? Then give it a shot! If you have any questions, we’d be more than happy to help – and so would Inyova.

By the way: Inyova has a sustainable pillar 3a product as well. With neon, new Inyova customers benefit from a CHF 120 welcome bonus on their pillar 3a. Find out more here.

We’ll also earn a bit of money from this deal, as we do with all our partners.

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