26. April 2022

How we protect your phone from damage

No matter where you are in the world, your mobile phone is always by your side. After all, half your life now takes place in these few square centimetres. So it's all the more important that your phone is protected in every location and in every situation. This is the case with neon metal's mobile phone insurance.

What do the following three scenarios have in common?

Scenario #1: You're at the «Gurten Festival» in Bern, dancing happily to the latest Swiss beats with a beer in your hand, when a troublemaker bumps into you. Your mood is not only down because of your beer-soaked T-shirt, but also because your mobile phone was stolen during the collision.

Scenario #2: On your holidays in Sardinia, you are planning to go snorkelling and you’ve bought a waterproof phone case beforehand to take photos of the underwater world. As you go out early, you pack everything in a hurry - including the phone case. You can mount it on the boat, you think. But while you’re hopping onboard, the boat shakes so much that your phone falls into the sea - without a waterproof phone case, of course.

Scenario #3: You're hanging up pictures in your new flat. You can't find your spirit level, so you use your phone - after all, there are dozens of apps for that. At the end of the day, the pictures are crooked, as is the laughter of your friends on your wallpaper – they look at you askance through the cracked screen.

Yup, you guessed it right: a broken mobile phone and an unhappy you. But don't worry, we can help out here: with the mobile phone insurance, you're covered. No matter where you are in the world and no matter how boring or adventurous your mobile phone has been stolen or broken. 

In case of partial damage, your phone will be repaired, if that is possible. If a swordfish jumps out of the water when you’re hopping onboard and your phone breaks into two pieces on the bottom of the boat, it will of course be difficult to get it repaired (even if you can consider yourself lucky for a second that the swordfish didn't cut you in two). But even in this case you are covered, because the insurance company would send you a replacement device in the event of total (fish) damage to your phone. Of course, you also get a replacement device if unpleasant festival ravers steal your mobile phone.

Unlike many insurances available on the market, the phone insurance included in neon metal covers you regardless of the value, age, or device type of your smartphone. And when you switch to neon metal, the phone insurance is already included in the basic package - so you get it without any additional card expenses. Only the deductible per claim remains. (You can find all the other advantages of your neon metal account here).

How exactly does the mobile phone insurance work?

Your mobile phone insurance covers you against all kinds of damage. Whether your mobile phone falls into the sea on holiday, accidentally breaks into a thousand pieces while skiing, or is stolen at the Gurten festival by an unpleasant fellow raver – we’ve got you covered. Regardless of the value, age or type of device of your mobile phone.

What else do I need to bear in mind with the mobile phone insurance?

The mobile phone insurance only applies to your own mobile phone, whose phone number is registered to your neon account. And it must be activated with neon. You can make one claim a year, with a deductible per claim (85 CHF for damage and 150 CHF for theft). The insurance cover starts 30 days after you’ve received your neon metal card.

What cases are not covered?

The mobile phone insurance does not cover you if you misplace or lose your mobile phone.

What should I do if my phone breaks?

Simple: just complete our online claim form here.

Please note: neon has no authority to make decisions in the event of insurance claims. This is the sole responsibility of the insurance partners. Therefore, please contact the respective partner directly in case of insurance claims. 

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