6. March 2024

Investing money: how to get started

For all you reluctant readers and Netflix junkies: we have something new for you! Because for our series of how-to-videos, you can simply sit back and let the neon team explain the world of investing to you. Have fun!

In the third and final video, we show you how to get started with investing. Julia shows you step by step how to start your journey into the investment universe: How do you define your investment profile and goal? How much risk should you take? What do you need to know about fees?

Did you miss the first two explanatory videos? In the first video, Michèle shows you how your money performs in cash, in your account or invested. In the second, Timo explains why it can be worth investing in shares and ETFs.

The big picture − your goal

Julia explains how to define an investor profile before your first investment and why your investment horizon and risk appetite play a role. 

The small print − the fees

Then there's an excursus on the fees that can be incurred when investing. And finally, there's a tip for a successful start to investing.

The offer − 0% fees ETFs

With Julia's tips, you've already overcome the first hurdle to investing. And with our offer, we're also removing the second: Together with Invesco, we're taking over the trading fees for you on five selected ETFs - which at neon invest are normally 0.5% when buying or selling ETFs. You can find out how it works and which ETFs are involved here.

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